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  • Beverly A. Butts - Pray that you don't get a lemon

    I purchased by Fitbit Flex late in July. It only worked for 10 days when I experienced battery and syncing problems. I downloaded the manual; did the troubleshooting tips etc. Resorted to Fitbit Support. Ha! what a joke: automated email telling me to go the FAQ page and go through what I had already done. Finally I gave up and contacted Amazon; despite that I was past the 30 days since purchase (10 days tied up in trying to get help from Fitbit support!), they agreed to refund my purchase price, sent me a paid address label and I sent the Fitbit back. I also asked the Amazon customer service agent to give feedback to Fitbit.

  • Charlotta - What a nightmare

    We purchased this because we have three computers, so it is less expensive than single-computer downloads. It simply would not load; just cranked but would not read the disk. We uninstalled the old version (also a problem. DON'T press the huge continue button if you uninstall Norton. If you do that it will start to sign you up for the on-line download and it won't take no for an answer. Find the tiny little tab on the lower right hand corner to get into the un-install.)

  • nancy bellaire - Love this.

    I can't tell you exactly why I love this, but I do. Smell of oranges and the way my hair feels so healthy, I guess!

  • Emily - It's tough to do but it works!

    This juice really does work, I have used it many times. I don't always loose a full 10 lbs but I usually loose 4-6 lbs. I loose at least 4 lbs but average 6 lbs. I don't gain it back as long as I don't pig out afterwards. There a some things you have to do in order for it to work. The most important things are not to eat and drink tons of water, drink at minimum 8 cups of water but definitely try to drink more. This will not work if you don't drink enough water. Try to get in some light exercise on both days, such as a brisk 30 min walk and maybe some light weights. Try to stay away from situations where food is involved, such as going out w/ friends to a restaurant, etc., the temptation will be too great while doing this diet. Don't drink anything other than this juice and water. It's tough but if you can make it thru the 2 days with out eating or drinking anything (besides the juice and water) you will loose. It works. Oh and this diet juice kind of tastes similar to orange juice, it's not the best tasting but not horrible by any means, you must mix the juice with water.

  • Jim Besso - The test worked VERY well.

    I lost my install CD for my old version of Creator (version 9), so when I upgraded my laptop, I looked for a replacement. This option, a downloadable version from Amazon, was available for discount, because it was the "old version", although it was a couple of versions newer than the one I had been using. I installed this version on my new Windows 8 laptop, and it installs and runs perfectly. I like the feature enhancements from version 9, and the software itself is familiar enough for me to hit the ground running. I've mastered several DVD's already, and generated several slide shows of pictures with music and text overlays, and it couldn't have been easier. I've also clipped together movies from my camera with clips downloaded from youtube and facebook, and that worked very well... even a HD movie that was huge - over an hour total time. It took a while to render, to the final movie of course, but there were options to render it for use on a phone, various devices such as a tablet, ipad or video player, computer, dvd, blue ray, and more. Over all, I'm very happy with this version of Roxio, and with purchasing software on Amazon - they keep the info "in the cloud", so I can get to it later, and the process was very manageable. My test worked well, and I would absolutely do this again, when the opportunity arises!

  • Lorraine E. Jensen - Two thumbs up!

    It took me just 30 minutes to make my will using Willmaker 2010. I showed to my brother-in-law, the fancy lawyer (OK, he's also a nice guy) and he gave it two thumbs up. And, oh by the way Willmaker is about half the price of "Legal Zoom". And I get Nolo's famous reliability.

  • Amazon Customer - Unbelievable, absolutely unbelievable. Keurug must think we're idiots.

    Keurig,you should be ASHAMED, This will be the quickest re-pack and return ever, This machine is a total waste of money and I will not be a party to lining Keurig's greedy pockets by keeping it. Normally, "2.0" implies a step forward, not so with the money-hungry folks at Keurig. Not only do they refuse to let you use non-Keurig brand K-Cups, or the cups where you supply your own coffee, they have the audacity to tout this as a "Feature!!".