Review: | Conquiste a mulher dos seus sonhos - Você não precisa ser bonito ou rico para atrair lindas garotas. Saiba como você pode se tornar irresistivelmente mais atraente para conquistar uma mulher.

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  • P. Kelly - Love it!

    This chair meets all of my needs currently and for the future. I fell in March and broke both of my leg bones and broke and dislocated my ankle. I am also diabetic. In order to keep my diabetes under control I need to exercise. Unfortunately, I have been unable to walk for almost 4 months. This chair makes it possible to sit and do all of my exercises. My physical therapist thought it was a wonderful idea and she has helped me to set up a cardio and a strengthening program. My leg was badly atrophied and the exercise has really helped me. I've also lost 30 pounds which was a great help both for walking and for improving my diabetes. I'm thrilled with the chair and will continue to use it even when I can walk again. It exercises every body part and is a wonderful cardio workout.

  • Ryan - 4/5 for now

    I brought this product yesterday because I'd been a WWE fan since in the mid 05-06. I also heard about the WWE Universe Mode was in the game therefore I though I give it a try. First off, when I played the WWE Universe Mode, with my created superstar vs Zack Ryder in a NO DQ, when I pick up a sledgehammer, the commentators of Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler said "Oh, there the ladder". Also, another match with a created superstar vs somebody (can't remember who), the commentators are talking like this is a divas match and I'm saying "This is NOT a divas match".

  • Isabel Ocampo - Great wallet, but not for protection

    Great wallet feature and kickstand, but fails at protection. I dropped it the second week i had my phone and the screen broke. Before i order my replacement phone, im purchasing a dedicated case with better protection.

  • Brian Sullinger - Not as bad as other reviews lead you to think

    I got the 2012 version and played it first before going back and getting the 2010 and Decades ones. I have always thought that 2012 FF was very well done and entertaining. I LOVE the host, Sparky Whitmore. That is one think lacking in the 2010 and Decades. The host is off screen and has ZERO personality. Part of the fun of FF is the funny interaction between host and guests.

  • Mike D. Thomas - It's ok, but not great

    Seems like nice quality, is listed on weathertech's as fitting a 2016, it definitely does not follow the contours around the 3rd row seatbelt on my 2016 explorer sport. Comes rolled up and takes a long time to flatten out. Not the great fit the floor mats are