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  • Amazon Customer - I love greys and now that I'm caught up in excited ...

    I love greys and now that I'm caught up in excited to see what happens ! It's perfect having it on amazon cause I'm able to watch it at work on my down time.

  • Dwallace - Don't Buy - Huge Disappointment - Freezing, Stops Recording, etc.

    I got the GoPro Hero3 Black Edition for Christmas. I was super stoked about it and couldn't wait to try it out. I bought a name brand Class 10 micro sdhc card. After formatting the card in the camera I downloaded the firmware update and followed all of the directions on the GoPro site for a manual update. This failed miserably. The update continuously failed. I then tried to use the Java Browser update that's recommended on their site as well. This didn't work either. At this point I was pretty angry because the camera would freeze every time I tried to take a video. I then contacted GoPro support and they told me to try the update again. Gee thanks GoPro. No surprise here, it failed again. After a few emails back and forth they finally told me to ship it back to them for a replacement. I obliged. The new camera arrived yesterday. Once again I was excited, but hesitant this time. I was told not to update this device as it already has the latest firmware installed. I popped the sd card in, formatted it, and tried to record a video. The camera stopped recording after 20 seconds and froze. I wanted to stomp this thing into a million pieces. Instead I removed the battery and then tried to repeat the same steps. It finally recorded something for longer than 20 seconds. I plugged the camera into my Windows 7 pc and the camera froze, and refused to be recognized by my pc. I then tried to plug it into my macbook pro running OS X Lion to no avail. I had to take the battery out again before the camera would even power on. I was able to take a video after this, but the camera stopped recording on it's own at about 18 minutes. I'm severely disappointed and will be trying to get a full refund. This camera is a joke. I can't believe they actually released this camera with all of the issues I've been reading about. I was told by support this is an isolated issue. They are liars. I will never buy another gopro product.

  • Helen - Back2Life is one amazing product.

    After hearing 3 people raving about it, I got it for my husband for his birthday. After hours of yard work, he uses this product for a few minutes and gets relief from his aching back. Of course, I got the very best price from Amazon, with free shipping, we saved about $50. over what the others said they paid.

  • M. VanZile - Don't waste your time.

    I read many of the reviews and thought I'd give this a try, there were some good reviews. Well I never should have given it a try. We have only used it a few items because we have been so disappointed. First there is an area that does not brown at all. There has to be something wrong. Second, it takes even longer to cook any of the things we have tried than cooking the conventional way . Pork chops, whole chicken, chicken breast.


    I am an auto repair shop owner for 15 years, and in the industry for over 30 years. We have used AT-205 for band-aids for customers that either can't afford to repair something right away or at all!...I have seen it work on a large P/S system leak. The leak was actually DRIPPING and as we poured the AT-205 in, within 30 seconds it slowed and within a minute it stopped and the customer drove on it like that for weeks until the could afford the repair...ATP is a VERY old company and they sell quality products...the spray sealer is an awesome product as well. Great around the house. Will this work in every case...NO...if the seal is silicone based then probably not, like some reviewers have noted...but for everything else give it a shot...a lot cheaper than thousands of dollars of repairs right away...

  • Travis L Smith - Beginnes

    Ok this is a nice book for as far as I have made it. But beware that it starts out like you have never touched a computer before. so anyone that is half way familiar with office products might get bored with the first couple of chapters?