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  • kharmadog - All of my concerns allayed by actually getting it!

    Okay, I don't have much money, and I was skeptical about this product because of complaints about the build, etc. Let's just say this is not a regular blender. Making a smoothies in some of my old blenders was similar to using a leaf blower in the kitchen. And about as effective. This thing is powerful. I'm w clutz. I have challenged the max line rule to the limit, and have never had a leak. There is no excuse about being too tired to prepare an outstanding meal for yourself. Three minutes tops to the best food you can give yourself. Very little prep. I feel so much better. I am losing weight gradually, and at 51, I look alive. My partner says I am radiant. This entire experience is causing me to consider a change from my grueling and increasingly miserable career as a high school English teacher, and becoming a health coach and esthetician. I bought mine at target for 89 dollars, on sale. My two teenage kids have been drawn in by the device, and without encouragement are making blasts once or twice a day. Processed food is beginning to seem gross to them, as well. All in all, all I can say, is that I was really worried that I was blowing a chunck of change on another gadget that is just useless. You can clean so easily, the machine is quality, and fun and easy to use. I will stop my rant now.:)

  • James - alright

    I expected the carrying case to be more cloth then plastic but that was not the case. but I would give this product a notch above harbor freight wrenches from first impressions. since I needed something that would fold up easier then a hard case so be it this will do.

  • Crash and Burn - I learn something new on almost every page

    I have a fairly complicated spreadsheet I use to monitor our investments. It has several worksheets, and linked cells between worksheets. I've been developing it for 12 or 13 years, and I didn't think there was much more to learn about Excel. WRONG.

  • Dylanesque - Great Addition to the Cruz

    Not sure why so many reviews pick this item apart but overall it works just fine for what it is. The only complaint I'll agree with is the cup holder part. It isn't well-shaped/designed so cups can either be hard to get in/out bc they are too big or they will tip easy if they are too narrow. It's just sort of a weird size and I have to keep an eye on my drink spilling if I have something in there. That being said, I use it WAY more for the purpose of where to put my phone/keys/etc. It is PERFECT for that. It fits great on the Cruz (2014 model) and I've had no problems with it getting in the way of the seat or canopy.

  • Ferdi - Good travel book.

    Very informative and provides important information. It includes history, hotels, transportations, foods, health, security, and other important information. I would love to see more photos, however.

  • Marly - Great shampoo for curls and volume

    I was using the NO POO for weeks when my hair started to feel "gunky"....My scalp felt coated with sebum

  • Amazon Customer - The Galaxy S7 Edge Wallet Case by Spigen® is awesome. This premium soft synthetic leather case works well ...

    The Galaxy S7 Edge Wallet Case by Spigen® is awesome. This premium soft synthetic leather case works well and fully protects your phone and credit cards. It was shipped in a bubble mailer with the retail box inside, upon opening it, the case was in a thick plastic bag. The black case feels and looks like soft premium leather, I had to go back and read the description to be sure that it was synthetic. It is soft and smooth to the touch, yet it is easy to grip and I have not dropped my Galaxy S7 Edge while using this case. If it were to drop, I feel it would be well protected. The case is held closed using a reversible magnetic clip that is stitched with the same premium synthetic leather as the rest of the case. Upon opening the case, you will find 3 pockets for credit cards, a side pocket that can hold about 6 folded bills, and premium quality plastic phone holder. I will highlight the details below.