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  • Well Man - First iteration and it worked out of the box!

    I am always reluctant to buy close to the first release date having used Quicken since the 1990's. I don't use the mobile features or Quicken Online BillPay, so I won't vouch for them. Everything else works perfectly. The files updated fine and all my automatic updates work. I bought the CD because it was $30 cheaper than the download on Amazon. I am very pleased. The features are essentially the same as on my old 2011 Quicken. I don't whine about having to upgrade every third year because I feel that $17 a year is a bargain to be able to automatically update. After all it costs Intuit something to maintain the servers and support.

  • Amazon Customer - Lives up to all the great reviews!!

    What's not to love? I have not tried or know much about the no way to compare. All I know is this tumbler keeps my drinks cold a LONG time with zero foul metallic taste and zero sweat. One thing to note....quality of ice will determine how long it lasts (of course). The cheap bagged ice has a lot of air and will melt fairly fast no matter what, but it will turn into one hard no air piece of ice.

  • Pen Name - Pretty good product so far!

    The product was very easy to download and very easy to work and navigate. The problems themselves seem to be pretty spot on with what the information we have learned over the years. My one negative is i encountered a glitch that seem to wanna do only even numbers at a time and then go back and do the odd numbers. Very annoying and not how the real DAT will happen. Other than that great study tool!

  • DukeGal19 - Fantastic product!

    A fantastic invention. I couldn't stand using a neti pot to do sinus was uncomfortable and messy. This device works great. So fast and it has helped so much with my sinus issues.

  • Y. Huang - Don't subcribe if you use Android

    I have tried this app on both iPad and an Android tablet and saw a huge difference. On the iPad, the magazine is just like the print copy, with beautiful pictures and nice fonts. The pictures are actually better on the screen, because of the nice iPad display. But on the Android tablets, all the nice features of the magazine is gone. What is left is lines and lines of texts. I have to say, viewing the free contents on the magazine's website is better than this paid subscription.

  • Martin E. Turkis - It seems sturdy but I wonder if the maximum extension will reduce ...

    Yes this fits a 2015 Rav4 limited. You need a 5/32 allen wrench to adjust the length. This tool is not supplied. The front bar needs to be extended to its maximum length (reason it is not a 5 star) and I fit it 4 1/2 inches back instead of 3 1/2 inches as directed in the instructions. It seems sturdy but I wonder if the maximum extension will reduce the load limit of the front crossbar somewhat. Looks good on the car and seems like a good value.

  • Kathy - Great product!

    I've only been using it for a few weeks, but the lotion is thick and helps with the stretch marks I already have. I'm on my second child and have been using this lotion and bio oil right after i shower. I don't get to apply it 2x a day like you're suppose to, to save money & product but it works either way! It came through the mail in good timing and the product was well worth it!