Kona BikeTown Africa - The Kona Bicycle Company has always designed bikes for specific riders' needs. In partnering with Bristol-Myers Squibb and Bicycling Magazine’s BikeTown Africa, Kona has embarked upon the design of what could be the most important bicycle the company has ever developed. This site will track the design, development and delivery of more than 200 Kona bikes, designed specifically to assist health care workers treating HIV and AIDS patients with the delivery of home health aids and services in two Botswana cities, Bobonong and the capital city of Gaborone, beginning in late March 2006.

  • Kona BikeTown Africa: Volunteer for BikeTown Africa - Looking to end out the year with a little good will? Over the next two months , BikeTown Africa will be delivering 640 Kona AfricaBikes to South Africa and Tanzania and Kona needs your help. If you're not familiar with...
  • Kona BikeTown Africa: What Tools Do You Need For An AfricaBike Handover? - Although it isn't mandatory you have a quiver of tools to participate at one of our three Kona BikeTown Africa handovers this fall in South Africa and Tanzania, having some basic tools to build bikes makes the days flow a...
  • Kona BikeTown Africa: Why eat energy bars when you can eat donuts? - Didn't your mom ever tell you that exerc ising on sweets is the best way to get a stomach ache? Well, these riders said "you-know-what" to that advice and took their chances at the Second Annual Utah Tour de Donut...
  • Kona BikeTown Africa: BikeTown well recived at HIV/AIDS expo - Bio pharmaceutical company and BikeTown partner, Bristol-Myers Squibb, showcased BikeTown Africa at the world's largest open scientific conference on HIV/AIDS- the 5th IAS Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention in Cape Town, South Africa. Held every two years, the...
  • Kona BikeTown Africa: Getting Noticed at RAGBRAI - One of BikeTown Africa's volunteers, Carol Williamson, formed a BikeTown Africa team for the 37th RAGBRAI (Register's Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa) to raise awareness about the program. And that's exactly what they accomplished. The team plastered stickers on...
  • Kona BikeTown Africa: Before clip-less pedals and forks - It's hard to remember that before clip-less pedals, fat tires and forks, the bicycle was purely meant for transportation. And that's exactly what the Kona AfricaBike is to our program's recipients - a means of transportation. Daniel Canfield of the...
  • Kona BikeTown Africa: Hoodies help Kona Basic Needs - Orb clothing company, based in British Columbia, launched a 'Ride Your Bike' campaign in support of Bike Month. The campaign encourages people to ride their bikes in style while giving back to Kona Basic Needs. They designed a hoody to...

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  • Brendan Gonzales - ONE pill at a time!

    Everyone is complaining about the side effects about the itchiness and crap! But everyone is over here taking two pills at once! I recommend taking only ONE pill if you're getting serious itching from taking TWO pills. One pill is enough to last you a long part of the day! Don't risk having a seriously high blood pressure by trying to take two pills and speed up the process! It's not worth it. Take one pill and you will be good. You will still feel side effects but the itchiness will remove itself quicker than taking two pills. And tbh, you won't need to take two pills at once. One is perfect. Two is two much for one dose!

  • Theresa Relyea - I believe it has made a difference

    I believe this product has made a difference in my menopausal systems. It is a pleasant cream. Smells nice and absorbs easily. I'm glad I decided to purchase it. It is convenient to order on Amazon and have it sent using the two day shipping. I will continue to use this product regularly.

  • TheProgrammerGuy - I am going to listen to my brain and the reviews!

    I have used QB for 20 years now, but I have just decided, after reading the reviews here, that they will NEVER AGAIN force me to upgrade! I am going to find some other way to do my payroll if I have to write my own program! It can't be that difficult. The reasons they give are just STUPID. There is no reason that we should have to pay so much for this software every 3 years - it is simply ridiculous. It is such an obvious excuse to dig into our pockets and put our money in theirs. Even Operating Systems are free these days! If they would charge a reasonable fee, say $30, I could probably be convinced to upgrade every year. And the whole idea of 'upgrading' is so 'yesterday' now. Just charge us $30/year and keep us upgraded continuously. I am so sick of Intuit that I cannot put it into words.

  • Monica M. - Cheap option, but still looks okay

    It is basically a piece of tape as described and it is thin like tape also. It looks okay (but not totally professional), and I just hope it sticks for a good long time once the adhesive cures. We got the red sticker to compliment our red truck. It might have been a bit pricey for what it was so I hope it at least stays on.

  • Paige - An Amazing, well made carseat

    An Amazing,well made carseat! Easy to install, and I am sure our little guy is safe when he is riding in his Clek

  • Amazon Customer - READ ME THIS DOES WORK!!

    IT DOES WORK ! YOU MUST FOLLOW DIRECTIONS ! RIGHT BEFORE YOU GO IN FOR TEST !! DRINK IT . FILL BACK UP WITH WATER DRINK THAT FILL AGAIN DRINK THAT ..WAIT 45 MINS ..GO TAKE TEST BOOM CLEAN ! WORKS EVERY TIME ! sorry for all caps I just can't belive how many people can't follow instructions on the bottle ,and want to complain because they are ignorant!..thx hope this helps everyone out ..

  • Jasbat - This movie is a fantastic action disaster movie

    This movie is a fantastic action disaster movie. It has a bit of everything. Romance, humour, action, dedication, humanity. Was as good on DVD as on the big screen. The big plus to me was the inclusion of the Adam Lambert music video of the theme song for the movie. It is a fabulous music video by an amazing artist. This DVD is well worth purchasing.