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  • Secretly sweet - Can't live without it!

    I am 52 - always had a high libido I was miserable 3 years ago discovered Amberen and swear by it. I missed my last 90 day cycle due to emergencies around the house and had to put off buying for 2 months. I ordered as soon as I had the money and within 14 days my 6-8 serious hot flashes per day were reduced to 1-3 and I know from experience that by the end of 30 days I may have 1-2 a week and then nothing for another 4-5 months. I love it and can't do with out it!

  • Anonymous Ed - In my opinion, this is the best

    VIRUSES, TROJANS and MALWARE INFECTED MY COMPUTER when I was using the most popular internet security maker that begins with the letter "N"- TWICE, so they fooled my twice in a relatively short time. I realized that using the most popular software was the problem as malware is written to target the broadest audience. Yes, that is right! Malware of any quality is written for QUANTITY of messed up computers! If you're running Windows, and you use the security suite that came pre-installed as a trial (and it begins with an "N" or "McA") you're probably going to be a apart of that target audience. I recommend this over Kaspersky Pure, as Pure seems to run resource hogging scans too often. Right here is the best place to buy Kaspersky, simply speaking price wise. Recommendation if you have nothing: Go to Kaspersky and download the internet security 30 day trial- then within a couple of weeks order this disk and when the 30 day trial period is up, enter the code that comes on the CD. You get 13 months of the best consumer internet security money can buy.

  • M. Carson - Great place to start, and not a bad place to stay in home brewing.

    For very little money this is a very good place to start if you have any interest what so ever in home brewing. I am on my 3rd Mr. Beer batch. I have learned a great deal about brewing for very little initial money. Yes, there is a good chance that if you love home brewing you will move up to a 5-gallon kit, but even then, no real money lost with this inexpensive kit, mostly paying for the beer mixes which you will drink so not wasted. Yes, there is a good chance you could mess up or just not like the quality of beer made and again little lost on this purchase. For me, I like the 2-gallon size. I like the creating and brewing as much as the drinking, so 5-gallon batches would be too much for me (although following economics of scale it is cheaper per gallon). Some of the older reviews (pre 2013 or so) refer to the old Mr. Beer style equipment and beer batches. I never tried those but "most" agree the new Cooper's stuff is better. This is a hobby (like most actually) that you will get back what you put in. If you just want to add water, mix and drink a few weeks later, you probably don't care much about the beer you drink or you will be greatly disappointed. If you want to learn how beer is made, understand the basics and slowly learn to expand you abilities and the beer you make, this kit will work fine. I am now adding hops and malts and steeping grains in a standard Mr. Beer batch, none of which are required, but also very possible to enhance and customize your final product. There is a pretty good amount of info online and dedicated Mr. Beer group eager to answer your questions and a good variety of beer mixes to choose from and experiment with (and once you know what you are doing you don't have to just use Mr. Beer ingredients, you can use any you like, scaled as needed). There may very well be better, larger, more expensive kits out there and of course you can spend 1000's on all grain brewing, but for bang for the buck and the POSSIBILITY (if you make the efforts and have patience (something you truly need a great deal of in this hobby)) of making some pretty good beer while you learn how deeply you want to take this hobby, this is a pretty good place to start and learn. I don't see myself replacing my kit anytime soon, just learning more about brewing and modifying my recipes.

  • Pamela M. - Worthless, uncomfortable and painful to wear, too cumbersome to use.

    More of a torture device than an exerciser. I must admit that my heart rate goes up, but only while trying to put the thing on and while taking it off. I have never been able to actually do enough exercise while wearing it to be of value because it is horrendously uncomfortable and cumbersome. Zero stars.

  • P. Nicholson - CSN 2012

    This was a classic IMPULSE BUY - I had just gotten in from seeing a STUPENDOUS concert by CSN in San Rafael, CA and at home later that night in my e-mail was a thing from Amazon that included this DVD. I went for it. No regrets. This whole generation of performers is getting up there... this is a great document of a stirring performance. Well worth buying - Recommended highly to fans of CSN.

  • Rev. Martin J W Jones - Architectural Designer's Essential

    I purchased this for a friend who is an architectural designer between jobs. He is helping me to produce professional designs for the general contractor.

  • Teena S. - I'd give it more stars if I could!

    I am 52 and have been on the Amberen regimen for one year now. After suffering through waking several times per night feeling like I'm on fire, along with hot flashes, dryness, itchy-ness, and the general feeling of malaise, Amberen has been a Godsend, it allows me to feel like myself again! I have had no side effects. I really can't say enough about how well it works.