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Country:, Europe, NL

City: 4.8995 , Netherlands

  • Craig Saunders - Not very useful and feeling a bit high and dry

    Short and sweet review's all that's needed really - this used to be a mainstay for me, but no longer. I didn't find it useful, the literary agents listings were woeful, and it's a confused jumble. 'Nuff said.

  • S. McLaughlin - Just what I was looking for!

    I needed to get rid of those last 10 lbs. I do aerobic activity and do weight bearing exercise which left me very hungry and once I started eating it was hard to stop! Almased does not taste great but it is the feeling of satisfaction and the natural ingredients that lead me to recommend this product. Within 10 minutes after drinking the shake, I feel completely satisfied physically and emotionally, not even thinking about food or eating anything else. I have consumed protein drinks and none lead to the same feeling of well being that this one does. I have lost those last ten pounds and still have one shake per day. As a side note, I have never felt the need to review any product before. I really feel that this worked so well for me that I wanted to share.

  • Navi - Highly Recommended

    This product truly helped the color of my hair. I attempted to dye my hair at home and the results were less then desirable. The bottom of my hair turned a brassy orange color and the top of my hair turned bright yellow. Supper sexy, I know. I have washed my hair approximately five times with this product and the yellow is turning a white blonde color and the brassy orange bottom of my hair is turning a darker, more natural blonde. True my hair is still two different colors, but the shampoo cannot be held responsible for that.

  • Kelly B. - Disappointed

    I have enjoyed Lis Wiehl's novels in the past. Her novels feature relatable characters, an unique mystery that is usually somewhat related to what is going on in the world today. With her newest release, The Candidate, Wiehl really jumps into the mind and playing field of the presidential campaign. The Candidate is a realistic view of what could go on behind the scences, but with a character that I have come to empathize with.

  • J. Miller - Looks very nice in the dash

    Looks very nice in the dash. I ended up using the side mount brackets despite the instructions saying not to for the econoline. The head unit was kinda loosey goosey without them. Overall very happy but I'm not sure how I'll ever get the unit back out of the dash should I ever need to. Hopefully I won't...