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    Country:, North America, US

    City: -118.3928 California, United States

  • Kayla Bear - Awful support. Not for people with arches.

    First things first..I know my review is not gonna say I am a verified purchaser of this shoe, but I will post pictures in my review as proof to back up my claims, I have bought the light blue and black ones at Kohl's. It really baffles me how this shoe even got so many good reviews... Also, I noticed a lot of the bad reviews say they are fake Nikes. But truth be told these are not fake Nike's.. They are real Nike's, but the brand it self is no longer real. I have bought Different Nike shoes from different stores over the past 2 years and the quality has gone down the drain. And another kick in the jewels is that they have even banned using coupons at certain stores for their brand!!! ...seriously Nike? If you don't believe me I will also add, that last summer I had to finally replace my Nike drawstring bag after use for many years. It lasted very long considering it went on 14 mile bike rides every other day for a good 4 years. I went to Sports Authority store to buy a new one and looked at all the Nike draw string bags. They wanted $30 for one, and the quality felt so awful that it felt like it wouldn't even last me 10 bike rides to the beach. I ended up buying a sweet red Under Armour drawstring bag instead that I just love so much and still looks like it's brand new, very high quality for the same price. These shoes are so thin, I remember the tongue of the shoes used to be thick, this is so thin I could rip them with my hands if I tried hard enough. Also I see also other bad reviews say they have had terrible crossbar support for their arches. These DO NOT give you any good arch support at all if you have good arches..these may work if your feet are flatter than Kansas, but I have been running in these 2-3 miles everyday and my arches began hurting so bad I have nearly come to taking them off just to walk back home. And I discovered that the inside arch "support" itself torn off the bottom of the inside of the shoe, and have already noticed tearing around the tongue of the shoe..all from just a couple weeks of running. After this...I am NEVER buying Nike products again. I was even a Nike finatic before. But I will definitely be a Under Armour lover now. Also tip of advice...if a shoe has to be in 100 colors than its probably not good quality anyways...we have to remember that America has been more about qauntity than quality lately. I will no longer be fooled by Nike's brand name.

  • Amazon Customer - Disappointing

    I've used Quicken for many years and am generally happy with 2013. When 2014 promised not to change anything while adding features, I jumped for it.

  • sherry bracy - Loved The Taste!

    I was sceptical at first when I tried this Fit tea Herbal Weight Loss , BUT I Love It! I Love The taste of it.. its smooth and pleasant!. The Ingredients are all natural herbal ingredients, and it helps reduce hunger for 4-6 hours, which I love because i love to snack in between meals... It also helps to Get Rid of Excess Water, Helps to Reduce Stress, & Supports The Immune System. This Formula is also good for men, so i can share with my better half. I would recommend this product for anyone who wants help detoxing as well as suppressing their appetite!

  • K. Rosado - It's good.

    Okay, I got this to get rid of some unlady like stubborn straggler hairs. I've already misplaced it somewhere in my bathroom. The one time I used it, it did pretty good cleaning up the stray hairs, though the darker ones (all three or four of them) weren't really removed.

  • J. A. James - Works wonders!

    My 4 mo had several red dry patches about the size of a nickel on her thighs and chest. They would become brighter red when she was bathed. I didn't have them examined by her pediatrician, but my online research indicated mild Eczema. Within the first week of using this wash and then following with the Aveeno Eczema therapy moisturizing cream it greatly improved. She is now 6 months and it's pretty much completely

  • Amazon Customer - Support not vailable

    I have been using Kaspersky Internet Security for many years and was very happy with it. I had 2012 version on my Windows 7 computer. HOWEVER when I have purchased KIS 2013 and tried to update license # using the one in 2013 package, it had me enter this license 3 time saying that the # is invalid and when I have uninstalled 2012 and installed 2013 version and tried to enter it again it told me that this license had been used. Before trying to apply it on my Windows 7 computer I have tried to install in on my other computer that runs Windows 8, the box said that this version is Windows 8 compatible, however I have ran into version compatibility issues. When I tried to contact Kaspersky, there was no good phone number to reach them. When I sent an email to Kaspersky support I got automated reply that for this you need to go to this link, for that to that one, I think it had 6 -8 links in total, the best part was – when I went to those links they were INVALID.