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  • Nancy K. Farlow - Love it

    Very easy to install and looks great. I was debating between this hatch and a less expensive version sold by Rugged Ridge. Based on another reviewer's comment, I went with the Mopar product and am glad I did. Saving a few bucks on something that I use often and expect to last the lifetime of the vehicle wasn't worth the compromise.

  • Amazon Customer - its a great looking bag but is very small i have my ...

    its a great looking bag but is very small i have my gun,tank,hopper and mask and can barley zip it ap my jersey and pants are tough to fit in if i wanted any thing else in it it would be impossible other than the size it is a quality product and if you don't have much equipment its a great buy

  • latasha - Yes it definitely work's...

    All I can say is will buy again in again! This product is the main reason for my 31pound's weight loss in 6week's, yes I work out but this stuff makes me sweat like crazy I mean just add it to those areas where the fat seems to sit and wow! It makes you feel like you ran a marathon. I work out for 40 -to 60 minutes a day, 6days a week and every work out I put it on. Just try for yourself in try longer then and really get into the work out. Good luck!

  • Ghost - Great system that could be better

    Had this under a year and the hard drive is already full - I didn't even buy half the available games. Just replaced it with a 2 TB drive. I would wait for a newer version with more storage capacity: a next gen system should ship with at least a 2 TB drive (perhaps even a fusion or solid state drive). I'm guessing that Sony didn't anticipate how lazy game developers would become by insisting on up to 50 GB game installs and downloads, but that's still no excuse. You also cannot connect external USB drives that could help with that issue (though you can back up to USB sticks).

  • T. Harding - After reading the great reviews on Amazon about this new uhd tv

    After reading the great reviews on Amazon about this new uhd tv, I could not wait until it arrived at a local tv dealership where I nabbed it yesterday. Setup was really easy and went well. The tv picture I would rate as excellent, right out of the box. Once I got into the menu settings area I was able to try a few things and see how it looked. The remote is really new and different, but I like it. Nothing like the huge remote for my old Samsung hdtv. The sound quality for such a thin tv is just awesome really. And a few people pointed this out. There are 3 or 4 different sound settings you can try, but again for such a thin tv my hat goes off to Samsung on this. NO need for a sound bar for me thank you Samsung! Very very good sound quality on this tv. I do not plan to use the smart aspect or apps for this tv so can't comment on those. Overall I am very pleased with this tv and plan on years and years of enjoyment just like I got from my 2009 Samsung hdtv! Now I can't wait to get the new Samsung uhd blu ray player! Hear outstanding things about it as well.