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  • DrMSG - Trusted their call

    I asked eSalon to darken my color for the fall. They wrote back and said I probably wouldn't be happy with how dark I was going. They suggested going dark gradually and making me a lighter formula. I was skeptical but reluctantly agreed. After using it I was so happy! This was the shade I had been searching for. I am so happy with it I am going to keep it. I love eSalon and their products!!!! I recommend them to everyone!!!

  • Ernest Silva - Basic USB charger - Works as advertised

    I use this to charge my devices, from my gps watch to my phone/ipad etc. It works as it should, and is exactly what I expected it to be.

  • gracie99224 - Kissing My Kis Sampler Top 6 Essential Oil Gift Set

    I highly recommend this kit as a good basic kit containing beginner oils if that's what your looking for -especially if you haven't experienced Kis Oils. My husband, is a Medical Dir. of Education at large medical center & Dr. of Pharmacology. We hate taking medicine unless absolutely needed. So, I'm encouraged to create some blends for health/home/cleaning/pain. Although, I must add quickly to basic collection I was able to gauge the high quality of the oils. They're fantastic- according to both myself and friends more knowledgeable in "essential Oils 101" than I. Having paid a small fortune for good oils locally I researched Amazon/additional sites- finally pushed the button for this kit. Our family seeks German holistic products as they're made with stricter regulations than America but aren't always easy to obtain. Although, I highly recommended them- if you can't find/trust or critically need excellent grade of specialized tincture. Please with that said, check with your own doctor before taking anything. We also have pharmaceuticals made by a pharmacist when we need vitamins assuring quality control in US. But, feel confident in making "some minor oil blends for several health concerns" to aid our extended family including Raynaud's, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Anklyosing Spondylitis-, Neuropathy/Neuralgia, Muscle Dystonia/pain, allergies, additional energy, sinusus, excess mucus, Celiac, animal products and home products for tranquility and free of fungus/viral/sanitary issues. Back to the kit!!! Yes, it gave me just "the basics" but can't stress how much trust I have in the brand to purchase other oils for blends. Adding "Kis Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils" is a "no brainer". I'll also buy the larger Kis Sampler soon. Especially with the "blends" so I can just adbd to them if I feel a need too. Having fun with Kis! Amazon has some great books to use for making many specific blends for any number of issues. Have fun and stay healthy!

  • Andrea - So far so good!

    I ordered one of these after reading the other reviews, and can add my first impression to everyone else's.