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  • D. Bennett - I try to never be without this stuff

    One day, I will make a pilgrimage to the lab that makes Cellfood. I will bend down and literally kiss the feet of the people who make it, thought of it, run the place, etc.

  • Baby D's Mom - It worked for me

    I have two indoor cats and have been feeding an outdoor stray who managed to sneak into the house and share his fleas. Fleas love me so I was getting new bites every day and was very concerned for my infant son (who managed not to get bit...thank goodness). I did not want to use toxic sprays or foggers in my home, so at first I was trying to control the problem simply by using a flea comb and one of the popular monthly flea treatments on the cats (including the stray), washing all of the cats' bedding, my bedding, throw rugs, etc. and vacuuming like crazy every day. Those steps helped me control the fleas but not eliminate them. The vet told me until I killed the fleas living in the carpet the problem would continue. So I went on the search for a natural, non-toxic spray or powder to use on my carpeting and found this product. I sprayed this on all of my carpeting throughout the house as well as my throw rugs and cat bedding even though I had already washed them. I also sprayed throw pillows and furniture (e.g. my couch) that would not be harmed by the liquid. This product left no stains, watermarks or discoloration when I used it as directed and sprayed a light mist.

  • J. Daigneault - MMMMmmm

    I had read a bunch of reviews from guys saying they were offended by all the jokes against males, so I thought they were just being "we todd it". I mean there are soooo many movies with the bimbo girl and we ladies don't even blink twice it's been brainwashed into our heads that it's acceptable. I say if you can dish it you can take it. Unfortunately that is not what's wrong with the movie. It's just not a blockbuster. My favorite parts were when they play the original theme song and the dancing. I would have jumped out of bed and did a dance myself if they had played the Bobby Brown Ghostbusters song! …."we're gonna have to take control…" Oh well.

  • just me - what a disappointment!

    This is the second GoPro Hero3 camera that we have been through, and it doesn't work either. If you have the time and inclination to call GoPro all the time to get tech support to fix it, then you may not be disappointed. Our camera has all the issues that other reviewers have listed- battery life, no recognized disk, etc

  • N. Z. - The cool design is a bonus

    Very well made car seat. It takes up much less room than most other convertible car seats. The cool design is a bonus. My son loves it!

  • Jacqueline Reid - my new BFF

    I would recommend Isagenix 9 day cleanse to anyone. It gives you a boost of energy and you definitely loose weight . I lost 7pds and not to mention inches.