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  • Emily E - Suzanne Somers thigh mster

    I love the performace of the product. Always have. But this particular one already makes noices. Not quiet like the other NEW ones I have bought. I was disappointed that I did not receive any instruction booklets. I still don't feel like I got an original Somers thigh Master. My opinon.

  • "Peppy" - True Beauty Year Around

    My Mother and I are collectors of Swarovski Crystal and every year for Christmas I order one for her and one for me. We hang them from our chandeliers in our dining rooms so that we can enjoy there beauty year around.

  • bitupset - works on server 2012

    The only reason i write this is because it is the ONLY capture device I've found that runs on server 2012 R2 without having to disable the signed driver requirement...if the server re-boots, the device loads back up and works as advertised.

  • mompantero - Didn't do a thing

    Had a leaking head gasket on my tractor. As a last resort I tried this product - I should have saved my money and bought the head gasket, it did not work as advertised and the leak is very small judging from the few bubbles in the coolant and no overheating.