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  • Linda in CA - Love this keyboard case

    I've been using a Zagg keyboard with my iPad Air for several years. I liked it, but it frequently it lost Bluetooth connections between the iPad and the keyboard. I also had Belgian and Clamcase keyboards, both of which had major problems within a year. I just purchased this iPad Pro 9.7 keyboard case and it so far it is perfect in most ways. The one thing I have to get used to is that they added a key--"pgup"--that I've found, when I hit the right hand shift key, I sometimes hit this key instead. It sends the cursor to the beginning of the text. I guess I just have to get used to that with a little farther reach with my right pinky. Otherwise, this case is awesome. They have successfully matched the Rose Gold color of the iPad to the case, which has a cutout showing the Apple logo through the opening. It is substantial, so yes, it does add weight, but I kind of like that. They have balanced the bottom weight so that the iPad doesn't cause the top to tip over, as I had sometimes happen with the Zagg. It truly makes your iPad into a mini computer. It also protects both sides of the iPad--some of the covers don't. The keyboard is crisp, and if you like to write more than a few words on your iPad, this will make your work much easier. It is backlit if you want--many colors--or you can turn off the backlighting. I think the metal can scratch, so I made a quilted fabric envelope for it to travel around in. In general, this is the best keyboard I have ever owned for my iPad. I just ordered the Apple Pen, and look forward to using that with my new iPad.

  • Ireke - This is not a joke!

    Ok folks-a girlfriend and I saw the ad for this, laughed hysterically, then bought some because we are suckers and are always game to try stuff. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? Let me also add that my husband and kids are natural fermenters. The flatulate something fierce and deadly! So you can imagine that their offal is particularly dangerous and malodorous. Enter POO-POURRI! I raced DH to the bathroom after getting it, sprayed, and ran for my life. Usually one can't enter the restroom for at least 30mins after his presence, even if the vent fan is on. Hey this stuff was nicely filling the air and didn't seem to just be co-mingling with the stool. It was as though the stool hadn't happened. Even he was impressed. He is using it diligently (thank God!). Infact I discovered you can a) start to stool and then spray toilet and have good results and b) use it to combat potent farts, basically as a fumigant. My friend concurs.

  • Matt McDonnell - Nice set of spare wrenches that I keep in my ...

    Nice set of spare wrenches that I keep in my car for emergency use. However, the finish of these tools isn't that great. The metal is kind of rough feeling, not so rough that you'll get splinters, but not the most comfortable to hold. Also they're thicker than better quality wrenches from Craftsman, or Stanley, and not even close to Snap On or Matco.

  • P. Sprinkle - Nothing like the samples I got

    I just finished a bottle of this, and I have to say I was pretty disappointed. I had picked up a few samples at my local GNC, and thought the product worked great. Took it mid-morning, had nice energy boost (not crazy and jittery, just right) until late afternoon. It happened that way every time I took it. So I had some expectations in place when I ordered this bottle. It basically did nothing for me. Is it possible that the company "juices" their samples and weakens their sale products? Maybe I just got a bad batch? I would give it 1 star, but I'm leaving open the possibility of getting some good ones like the samples were.

  • alex ivanov - Great product

    I purchased this product for my daughter and she loves it. It's a quality product and easy to use and maintain! I would definitely purchase it again.

  • Dani - Brockmann doing what she does best

    Another awesome book (ok, novella) by Suzanne Brockmann. Looking forward to future updates about BSJ!!!

  • M. Brown - Saved My Kitchen Cabinets

    I love this stuff. It saved my older kitchen cabinets. I used a little steel wool and it worked great.I didn't have the same luck on my coffee table, but I knew from reading that it work differently depending on what kind of problem you were trying to correct with your finish. The edges of my table were worn to the point where there was almost no finish left all the way around the perimeter. The cabinets had faded and light patches mixed into the rest of the grain of the wood and that was pretty easily restored. I had enough to do all of my kitchen cabinets and quite a few other pieces of furniture and I still have some left.