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  • Francis P. Reed - Good tablet, good learning device.

    My daughters love these. We have had them for over a year now, and they still play the games, and use them all the time. They love the video camera feature, and use it all the time. The units are good with battery power, and the AC adaptor helps. I have heard that the newer units allow regargable batteries to charge without having to remove them from the unit. That's the one thing that I missed out on these.

  • Sheila - Great book to have

    Good variety of sentences for great or problem employees. Very helpful and professional. Ideal for performance evaluation and documenting issues.

  • Harry H. Hart III - The First Was GREAT the Second Edition Better Yet

    I purchased multiple copies of the revised edition of the Arthritis Cure not only to give as gifts to friends and family members but because my mother has, for a couple of years, been pain free after following the advice of Dr. Theo's first book. His new book improves and expounds on his recommended program on which anyone should be able to see relief from the pain and inconvenience of this debilitating disease.

  • Walter Sobchak - Great value

    These balls are great for the cost. I can't justify buying Pro V1's, and I feel like my performance is just as good with these.

  • J.Lynn - Worth the $$

    Somewhat skeptical upon ordering but proved to be a wise choice. As a long distance runner, I get calloused places especially upon my heels and this Amope worked very well. Although, in my case It took quite awhile as the roller effect works slowly removing a very small amount of dead skin on each pass. Be patient....Also, I found alternating the angle to be very productive vs. just going back and forth in the same direction. Well worth the cost IMHO.

  • Ricardo - Not good for 2 or 3 day tarvel.

    Too small... It is only good for a one day travel. If U are planning on going for a 2 or 3 day trip then get the medium.

  • LeRoy Terry - Fsmart SK68 Zoomable 3 Modes UV-Ultraviolet Flashlight

    I bought this device to cure UV Adhesives. It feels sturdy, it looks nice and it does what it is supposed to.