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  • SlapJack - Just what the doctor ordered.

    Better than most virus protection. I kept having trouble with my computer, but now it purrs. Need four more words.

  • Steveo - Great VR Headset with Slight Problem Read Review for Details for Nexus 6P Owners!

    Virtual Reality is becoming more and more easily accessible. These VR glasses make it super easy to be somewhere you’re not!

  • Shirley - If it sounds too good to be true......

    I guess shame on me for thinking that this could actually do what it says.. Make you focus more or whatever. Raves about this being known as the "smart pill" or the "limitless pill" are obviously phony. If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is. I didnt notice absolutely any difference in the way I studied, retained information or focused. I would also go as far to say that on a few ocassions I felt a bit loopy after taking it... Like I had brain fog. Anyway, I wont be buying this again. Wish I could get my money back. For those that take it and notice a positive difference, good for you. I think its just the placebo effect though.. You can give someone a pill and tell them it will make them feel better, and if they want it bad enough and believe it hard enough, then sure, it will work for them.

  • Full Fathom 5 - Fresh breath that lasts

    I've been very pleased with BreathRx mouth rinse; the clean feeling really lasts. I love that it's alcohol-free, because it doesn't dry my mouth the way that Listerine used to, and the inclusion of xylitol, a sugar substitute proven to help fight plaque.