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  • Randall Lewis - It's a nice TV for this price range

    It's a nice TV for this price range. I analyzed all the competition until I just had to make a decision and went with Samsung. Out of the box, the picture quality was very gray and drab but I went to Amazon and found some commenters who had tweaked their picture and used some of those settings and the picture improved dramatically. I'm sure I haven't gotten these settings just right yet so there is still some room for improvement. I don't really care too much about the apps, I just wanted the best picture possible. I stream Netflix, I have an Amazon fire stick and an Oppo Blue-Ray, which I seldom use these days with all the content out there. All in all, it's a pretty good TV and a good entry point into 4K Ultra HD.

  • Jessica Kaitlyn - love it

    It's one of the best moisturizers I've used. Better than Clarins and Chanel. My face has never felt and looked smoother. Nice rose scent too. Just don't raise the price again! I didn't like that.

  • Roseanne C. - Very disappointed

    My deck was done in September and when the snow melted the stairs are peeling. Shoveling was not a factor. Deck and back door are not even used in the winter. There are parts of the deck that are also peeling. Should have gone with a translucent stain. I don't feel it's worth the money. Regular paint lasted longer than this product.

  • Amazon Customer - On a positive note it was pretty easy to get off my hands

    I received this as a free sample from PINCHme. They came in two small .05oz packets. I have MS and sometimes my hands don't work very well and it was hard to get the packets open. I had to fold and squeeze to get the product out of the package, the first time I used it it kind of flipped back and fell out of my hand. Had more success with the second package. Both times I used the cream I put it on my lower back and it was only minimal relief. Overall, it didn't really work for me. On a positive note it was pretty easy to get off my hands, you have to wash your hands afterwards and some creams feel like they never get cleaned off, but my hands felt clean after washing this off. I do want to say that it could be unsuccessful because I didn't get enough in the samples. Overall, I wasn't really impressed with the product.

  • M. Bettencourt - Freaky little antenna (measures about 3" Tall)

    Antenna works fine where I live, but admittedly, for me it is more of a hole filler than an antenna as I use my XM most of the time. The factory antenna was crap, hitting everything. I wish it was a little taller, but I think it is more a form than function thing.

  • B. Purcell - Awesome!

    I love this machine. It has a great warranty and my family uses it daily. We were so lucky to order in time to get the new 2009 model. The addition of an accessory rack and changes in the console make it well worth the buy.

  • Debra M. Coltharp - GREEN color!

    I have used toppix and thought I'd try this. It looks green. Not blonde at all. One star because the review wouldnt take less. Don't waste your money.