Calvizie : il portale italiano sulla caduta di capelli - Calvizie : informazioni sui migliori prodotti per il trattamento anticalvizie, per curare la calvizie e per fermare la caduta dei capelli

Country:, Europe, IT

City: 9.6672 Provincia di Bergamo, Italy

  • Richard J. Andrews Jr. - Like it, but overpriced

    Since it's hard to find a review on this thing I decided to write one also. MIDWESTGUY, has a pretty good review and I agree with it completely except that he used it in 5 days. Unless he is overweight that seems a little fast to use it, regardless the product will go fast. Suggested Use { Adults, mix two scoops in water or juice per 100 pounds of body wight. 1 to 2 times daily}

  • Dephtones - Great machine if you get it for the right price

    I was looking to build a PC to have in my living room. I built a very high end one for my man cave and wanted one for the living room just to have another PC in the house for browsing and gaming but didn't want or need a killer thousand dollar rig. I found this on clearance at Walmart for 299 and immediately bought it. I bought 8gb of ram on Amazon for 20 bucks, and a 7200 rpm external drive 1tb. I had a 250gb m2 ssd that I previously bought for a laptop and it was collecting dust. Luckily I still had it. I bought an enclosure on Amazon that turns it into a regular size ssd.

  • Marie Liebau - The rest is so bad I can't believe anyone would promote it

    I grave this 1 Star for the cover picture. The rest is so bad I can't believe anyone would promote it.It's so bad it's not even good enough to make fun of.

  • Keith - Fantastic at first! Doesn't last, and is very disappointing.

    UPDATE July 11, 2014: Both of us purchased these headsets while we were long-distance for a year. We used these for several hours every day, and it made our lives SO much easier not having to hold the phone. Unfortunately, for the past several months, both of our headsets have started disconnecting back to the handset unexpectedly, then connecting back to the headset unexpectedly, then back to the handset, back to the headset, and so on. It's beyond frustrating. And several people have told me recently that I sound very far away or like I'm in a tunnel. I have read a couple of other reviews that mentioned the same thing, so unfortunately we're realizing that we have invested in a product that just doesn't have a long life. Very disappointing to spend so much money on this product only to have it die on us after a year of use.


    **** BE AWARE that the Kindle version of this book is NOT COMPATIBLE ON WINDOWS 8 with the Kindle App for PCs.... and there are no refunds once you attempt to download it.

  • Jess - Some Gameplay flaws

    I love FIFA. And I have played every single FIFA ever since ps-one. The game plays great and I have no problems with it, functionality wise. But there are 2 major annoying aspects about this game.

  • Anthony Lower - Better than the previous in most ways

    Played this last night for about an hour. Instead of a real work out I jumped around from activity to activity. I like all of the new classes they've added. I used Cardio Boxing a lot last game,(lost 45 pounds) and can see I'll be using the Hip Hop and Latin dancing often too.