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  • Shantia Mcgee - Amazing Ablum if he doesn't win a grammy I'm never watching it again!

    It was totally unexpected. I bought it because I heard Apparently. I listened to it from start to finish with no skipping! He says what every young black person is thinking. I haven't been in love with a tap album since Kane West Late Registration

  • priscilla just - love it

    i get to watch all my favorite films without having to buy them or atleast i can watch them before i buy them so i can decide if i want to or not

  • elktonpat - Not As Advertised

    I responded to the numerous TV commercials on this product and ordered a 3 month supply on the agelessmale website (not from Amazon). I have had ED symptoms for a about 5 years and my annual physical showed testosterone levels were low (around 340). My PSA level at the same time was 4.0. I took the product for three months. After three months, I had the testosterone and PSA levels checked again. The testerone level did raise to around 420. But, my PSA shot up to 7.0. Thats 3.0 points in 3 months. My doctor advised me to immediately stop taking these.

  • del a p - this product is crap

    To hell with this nu wave crap..I had to replace the dome 3 times already ..I will be looking for a better product to replace this thing with..PS the customer service sucks big nuts..