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  • Miguel Negron - Stuff is cool

    I has a lot of neat stuff, stuff that fly, shuff that burn, stuff that blows up, space stuff, communication stuff, no sharks with laser beams on their freaking heads though.

  • dpstanton55 - Another entertaining story that kept me up late reading to the end

    Another wonderful story with unexpected plot twists and characters the reader feels are living just around the corner. Great story.

  • LadyNai - For years I have struggled with nails that have peeled and chipped easily - I type nonstop for work and working on ...

    So I did have a small amount of skepticism with these but I don't have too much of it at this point.

  • Keith - Soda Stream Jet Is Fantastic

    I've had my Soda Stream Jet for several months now and finally have the hang of making the best soda on the planet. I chill the bottle of filtered water to just over freezing, about 35 degrees Fahrenheit. Three or four charges spaced a few seconds apart is next. Then, I put the bottle back in the fridge for no less than ten minutes and most times overnight to allow the CO2 to get absorbed into the water. These steps are imperative to making good soda that won't go flat by letting all the gas escape as soon as it's made. The fact that the Jet can use the larger 130L CO2 tank is an added benefit. When I needed a refill, my local kitchen store swapped out the small 60L OEM tank for the larger one for me for a one dollar exchange fee. The 60L tank made exactly what they claimed it would. I would recommend this product to everyone.