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  • Lauren - Burned my skin.

    Maybe this works for other people, but not for me. The first day I used it, my skin seemed right and dry afterward, but I moisturized and didn't think about it too much. After I used it the second day, my skin around my mouth/chin (where the seb derm is) seemed raw and burned when I put my makeup on. Halfway through my work day, it was still burning. When I looked in the mirror, my skin was peeling and leaving raw, open skin under it. It ended up scabbing. I will not reuse. I have never had an issue with "sensitive" skin before.

  • Chiarascuro - Dispells the Mystery

    I don't like to follow rules, unless they are my rules (!), so I was really resisting "preparing" my kids for what I thought was a standardized test. Saw friends putting their kids through training courses for the ACT...isn't that what high school is for, I thought?

  • shoelover - For the Penguins' fan

    Bought this for my mom. She is a voracious Penguins fan in Sabre country so she has a hard time getting news on her team. She is thrilled to have this DVD and has watched it repeatedly.

  • Lotte Hiatt - Utterly cosmic for combating dry skin

    The skin on my face is incredibly dry in all seasons, but exponentially so as the weather turns colder and the heater comes on. I picked up this shea butter in an attempt to combat the tight, flaky, uncomfortable dryness. This stuff is amazing. It’s a light ivory color, and does NOT come out of the container all fluffy and creamy. I had to dig a small amount out, and it was a bit grainy at first… but I rubbed it between my palms and it quickly became silky smooth and creamy. I gleefully rubbed it into my face – no sting like many moisturizers give me, because it’s pure. No added ingredients to irritate my skin. It soaked right in without leaving any sort of greasy feeling, This was already much MUCH better than my experiment with coconut oil last winter. An hour later, my skin still hadn’t started flaking or gotten tight again. Normally at the end of the day, even with layering on moisturizer multiple times, I will have a flaky skin, but this stuff kept my face nice and soft. Also I remain breakout free (also unlike my coconut oil experiment). All this, AND it's organic; that's like the icing on the cake . I’m totally sold on this and am hatching a plan for whipping it up with some essential oil for utterly cosmic moisturizing gifts this Christmas!

  • Amazon Customer - works as published. toggle switches makes my simulation more ...

    works as published. toggle switches makes my simulation more realistic and keeps me more proficient when i do transfer to real aircraft.

  • Vivaldi - Does Not Clean Well

    After several years using this product, and it's cleaner/pads on the advice of the people who refinished our floors, recently when I had to clean up a spot using a paper towel for expediency, the result showed a lot of "dirt." I checked the rest of the floors, and found the same situation, which confirmed our recent suspicions. It does not clean well, in spite of also vacuuming prior to cleaning the floors as we were advised by the product's retailer.