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City: -77.4512 Virginia, United States

  • Meg in Madison - works for chipmunks too

    While in the process of buying our townhouse, we discovered during the home inspection that a chipmunk had found a gap at the top of the foundation and had made a nice little home under the enclosed stairs. The since-evicted chipmunk was, of course, not housebroken, so it left droppings and urine all over the bare concrete floor. (Yuck.) Concrete is porous, so the urine had soaked in. A bleach solution killed the germs but didn't touch the odor. So, I did a lot of Internet research and settled on Nature's Miracle for our first attempt at odor removal. We used one quart, in two applications (one right after the other). We followed the instructions, except that we left it on for somewhat longer than recommended. Poof! Odor gone! Plus, we really appreciated that Nature's Miracle has essentially no odor itself (and I'm really sensitive to such things).

  • Jerry Blevins - Great read

    Great read easy to feel like you are in the book. The transistion from one book to next is almost seamless.

  • KenB - Shark: Where quality is kept at bay.

    Having worked on repairing this vacuum for professional house keepers as part of my occupation, my opinion: it is engineered for a short term solution.

  • Amanda Skinner - Boost I needed

    This is perfect for us. Great taste and just the boost I needed to make our experience easier. I start my day with it for a great beginning! Just sweet enough & GREAT berry flavor. Easy on the stomach, no giant pills to swallow.

  • Mcknzy - Still going strong

    Lets see,Where to start.Biscuits and dowels have there place and I still use them on occasion when nothing else will do for a project or repair.

  • Paradox - Pretty decent concert

    Pretty decent concert.....Tyler cant quite hit the notes the way he use to..and...the band looks about ready for the retirement home...but it was enjoyable....great sound...and Tyler did do an exceptional job on Dream On (especially considering he is 118 years old, lol)

  • CBonfig - Decent starter book, but NOT comprehensive guide

    I have been a pharmacist for 8 years and am currently in charge of helping to train our new technicians as they are hired. One aspect of their training is to prepare them for the PTCB exam. We have several PTCB exam prep books available, but I decided to purchase this book as well to see what it had to offer. Unfortunately, I would say it is mediocre exam prep book, at best. It covers the basics, but it isn’t a well-rounded exam prep. The math is very basic, the exam itself has more rigorous requirements. Most of the multiple choice questions/answers are simply put out there for you to answer, there isn’t any follow-up or explanation as to why the answer is correct. I didn’t review the content in detail, but one of my technicians pointed out a few things that I would consider to be errors. When taken in conjunction with other exam prep guides, this book may be considered an acceptable starter, but if you really want to pass the test, you are going to need more than this book. Honestly, working in a pharmacy before taking the exam is the best way to gain the knowledge you will need to pass the test (most states give you a period of time, usually 1 year, after starting work in a pharmacy to get certified). (I did receive this book at a discounted price in exchange for my honest opinion. All of the information provided above is my personal experience with the book).