CDG Care - Congenital Disorders of Glycosylation: a rare inherited metabolic disorder affecting a complex enzymatic process.

Country:, North America, US

City: -81.5401 Florida, United States

  • Theresa A James Shotwell - Outstanding Product

    I've used this product over 2 years and love it. I had back, knee and neck pain. It took about two months for it to get into my system, but when it did, it worked well. I was able to sleep better and function well during my aerobic classes and daily activities. I usually order four month supply at a time. Now I need more. Hope this product does not go out of business. If it does please share with me a product that works just as well.

  • Valleria - its ok

    It has some good stradegies on how to pick the right answer. But the questions are not like the ones on the NCLEX. The questions are a lot easier than on the test.

  • Kisha B. - Great book and was worth the wait!

    Is loved the book and loved Gabe and Val! So happy how it all wrapped up and can't wait for mote of Ana and Dmitry. I can't wait to learn more about the new Medlov's. I love this family and their adventures and you never disappoint Mrs. Welch!

  • Josh Baden - This product really is as bad as most of the reviews suggest.

    There's really nothing I can ad that hasn't been said already by other reviewers. I was very careful in the prep of our deck, and everything looked great for about a month. Now my entire deck is peeling and leaving this trash all over my back yard. I genuinely hope that some lawyer makes a mint after spearheading a class action suit against these guys. I've accepted that I my $600 is gone for good, 6 months after covering my redwood deck in this joke of a product, but the thought of Rustoleum cashing in on a product that they clearly didn't even test bugs me to no end. How does a product this worthless even make it to market?

  • Robby R. - Great clubs (just not for me)

    I ordered these clubs two nights ago, and they arrived tonight. After unwrapping the clubs from their packaging (plastic sleeves on the shafts and bubble wrap around the heads of all of the clubs), I took a couple of practice swings with the 7 iron. I can tell already that I'm not going to be able to comfortably use these clubs. They're great looking and seem very solid, not cheap at all. But they're too short for me.