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Arcpoint Blog - ARCpoint Labs is the leader in nationwide Drug, Alcohol, DNA and Background Screening and is among the fastest growing Third Party Providers in the drug screening industry.

  • http://celebritydownandout.com/lamar-odom-overdose/#respond Lamar Odom After Overdose - Former NBA star Lamar Odom doing well only one year after his near-death overdose experience. On October 13, 2015 Odom was found unconscious in a Nevada brothel.
  • http://celebritydownandout.com/corey-feldman-claims-sobriety-after-today-show-appearance/#respond Corey Feldman Drops American Flag - But Claims Sobriety - Goonies star Corey Feldman was seeking redemption when he recently sang live on the Today show for the second time, nearly one month after he was met with considerable backlash for his first performance. Feldman received criticism for the first performance and some bullying.
  • http://celebritydownandout.com/real-housewives-drunken-drama/#respond Real Housewives Drunken Drama - Reality TV stars are known for their candor, rudeness and drunken antics on-screen but two Real Housewives of New York take their big TV personas off-screen.

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  • sarah s - phil rocks

    Classic phil! Ha ha. But for real. I ♥ phil collins and this song. Its nostalgic and its a killer track.

  • Reed H. - BUYER BEWARE: Mac Quickbooks 2013 not ready for prime-time.

    When I purchased MAC Quickbooks 2013 about a month ago I was ASSURED the system freezes had been fixed - NOT TRUE. I have 2 MacBookAirs - one 13" and one 11". The software freezes on both. I have been able to use this software without freezing for as long as an hour... a short as only 20 min. Having blown through Level 1 support as well as Level 2, I am TOLD that this case has been escalated ultimately to Product Development... ... where it has been a known problem since the PREVIOUS Quickbooks edition.

  • Success Institute - This stuff is unbelievably good!

    When I first started using Nzuri, I was very impressed at how good it tasted. I actually drunk too much the first time and had a niacin rush (sort of a 3 minute body itch) so I only drink about 2 ozs a day. My hair has grown so long that people think I am using a weave! The first month I didn't see a whole lot but I felt incredible. But I braided up my hair and kept it like that for 90 days. I did the scalp massages like they suggested every night and I also take protein shakes. In 3 months I had about 4 inches of growth! My hair grew so much that people thought I was wearing a weave! Then I heard you can use it on your skin. I had a rash on my face that i had no idea where it came from. I started applying the Nzuri on my face at night and in the a.m. with a cotton ball. What medicine couldn't clear up Nzuri cleared up perfectly! I don't know all that's in this product but I do not it will be a permanent staple in my household. I now shine with beauty and I am proud to wear my own hair.

  • TwinkleAmazon Customer - Books

    I like mark Edwards as an author you always get a twist in the story .after reading the magpies I started looking out for his other books .I have not been disappointed.

  • Daniel - Exellent

    I have only one word to describe my opinion about the element Ti4 box, “Amazing” this box has more than expected, the remote and the options you have to control it are very user friendly, the HD output is great and excellent quality, to get Kodi going it will take any person with a little knowledge of XBMC a few minutes, great box the best in the market according to my opinion.

  • John - Inbound Sound Quality Still Bad

    I originally added this message to another reviewer, but I decided to add it here, so I can rate it a one-star:

  • Karen Terry - I was having problems at night. Taking Azo has ...

    I was having problems at night. Taking Azo has really helped me. I still drink cranberry juice . Both together a been so much better