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Country:, North America, US

City: -94.566 Missouri, United States

  • Grace - Awesome Stuff.

    Very pretty nail polish. It does take a few coats to make it opaque but I expected that. Ive heard its very hard to get glittery nail polish off but this was very easy with nail polish remover. I recommend getting this.

  • annam - Accidentally shaved off an entire eyebrow with one of the guards

    I liked this razor until I attempted to use it on my eyebrows... I used the 4mm guard and it didn't do anything so I used the 2mm guard and it practically shaved off one of my eyebrows completely! Im very upset! 😩

  • eric roberts - Broke after 8 weeks

    Reasonably good waffles (only on highest setting) for 8 weeks, then heating element broke. Two weeks beyond Amazon return policy.

  • TawnyMc - Great deal

    Best way to get into this line. I love everything in here! The oil and leave in conditioner are the best, can't live without them

  • JPJ Photography & Media - 10th Year Using Norton Products - Love 'Em!

    Arrived fairly quickly and though the box was a little smooshed the CD inside was fine. I installed on two Android-based Galaxy S5s and three Windows 7 laptops with no issues. You save a bit of cash getting the older version but it will update the application and virus definitions to current standards so you really lose nothing. The only difference is the amount of free, cloud storage but that's only for a year and then you pay a bit higher for such storage. Besides, you don't really need cloud-based storage what with global warming and all. I mean, if Al Gore is correct, and why wouldn't a guy who owns a company that makes money off selling carbon credits to resolve an issue he alone discovered be correct, there's going to be more clouds than we'll ever need. There will be so many clouds I bet we'll find them in our coffee!

  • Sandra Flickstein - Just Another Scratch Remover

    Quixx Paint Scratch Remover was anything but what the product's name suggests - quick. Several steps are involved. After the first step, one week is recommended before the final steps are applied. The product erased minor scratches, similar to other scratch remover products I have used. But for a scratch somewhat more difficult, it did absolutely nothing despite the sandpapering and two coats of remover - one from each tube, labeled #1 and #2. I didn't think it would do the job I required, but for $15 I thought I'd give it a chance. I wouldn't recommend it any more than other scratch removers I've seen advertised on TV or elsewhere.