Welcome to Trinity Point at Monroe - Located in Western Pennsylvania just off of I-80 in Clarion. Trinity Point offers flexible Parcel/Lot sizes available to suit your specific needs. Trinity Point is ideal for a variety of businessesparticularly Technology, Commercial and Light Industry.

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City: -79.9791 Pennsylvania, United States

  • Moselle - Back to Hairfinity

    I wanted to use these rather than keep paying for Hairfinity, but I got the package today, and saw that the silica level was low, and even more importantly, there was a warning on the box regarding an ingredient that can cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. It was LEAD. I am done. That is crazy. I got an instant refund and threw away the vitamins. REPRODUCTIVE HARM?? LEAD????

  • Amazon Customer - Doesn't Work

    I just bought this product at a local pet store who sells natural products for animals. I have 2 cats. I have tried this product on my cats 3x now and find that they still have fleas, are scratching themselves, and won't sit on the cat furniture where I sprayed with this product. It seems to kill the fleas pretty quickly but they come back after a day. I was hesitant buying this product and bought it only because the pet store was out of Advantage. My cats are not yet showing the symptoms that have been described here (Thank God!). I do not think this product is worth the money. I don't like the fact that I have to spray them several times a week in order to get fleas off. After reading the comments here. I am going to discontinue using it and will buy a flea product that works. I strongly advise against buying it. No worth it!

  • Cheyenne settle - Great taste and quality

    Excellent! I couldnt tell they were sugar free. I will purchase them again. But, my brother ate half of the bag and had explosive diarhea. He called me the next day and said he pooped his bed in the middle of the night. Sucks for him butI warned him that some people are sensitive to artificial sweetner and start out slow. He learned the hard way.

  • Epillon - Does nothing

    Doesn't work, for me atleast. Has a pasty, cream texture and feels like I'm shalacking my face when I apply it. It dries clear after rubbing it in but after 3 weeks of daily use it hasn't cleared up even the smallest of my acne scarring. I dont have deep, giant pore pits either, just small scarring from popping over the years but it had no effect on healing the scars anywhere. Maybe others will see better results than I, but so far every product I've tried from this company (acne scar cream, baggy eye treatment) does absolutely nothing for me. Hope others get results.