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  • gustavo angel de jesus - Phone material is disappointingly fragile.

    The phones features are great. The only thing is that... I've had the phone for a week and not dropped it once. Today the phone cracked when I dropped it... I was sitting on the floor when it slipped from my hand less than a foot up and the entire screen cracked. This material that it's made from is terribly fragile.

  • Michelle S - Nice alternative to traditional camera bags

    I bought the small Timbuk2 Snoop Camera Insert and it holds more than enough of my camera gear at any one time. I usually carry my camera, flash, 15-55mm, 50-200mm, and 50mm, but it could hold a lot more. Depending on how you rearrange it, the bag is pretty versatile and will give many arranging possibilities. I agree with other reviews that a few small organizing pockets for cards, batteries, etc. would make this even more ideal. It's great if you want to carry your camera in a variety of bags, but want it to be protected and safe. I chose this insert over a few others I looked at since I intend to place it in a Timbuk2 messenger bag most of the time when wanting to carry my camera.

  • Darla - THE BEST!!!

    I recently started using this and I have to say it is the best mosturizer I have ever used. It does not, I repeat does not leave a heavy greasy feeling on you face. Your skin can breath. When you touch your face or someone else touches all they can feel is softness. A little goes a long way. This jar will last for a long time. I would highly recommend this product.

  • Amazon Customer - Just say NO to DRM

    When are the software and music recording companies going to start treating consumers with respect, and not like criminals? We've been excited about this game for over a year, and went to Amazon today (release day) ready to buy, but there is NO WAY we're going to support this further erosion of our rights. $50 and we don't even own the game? Plus unwanted rootkit software? No thanks, EA.

  • Brian P. O'neill - Perfect

    Make sure you have the sufficient home hardware to run SQL 2012 Developer Edition and teach yourself SQL with an appropriate book. The full power of SQL Server 2012 in a one user license at a cost of an IT book, you cannot beat it.

  • Grace Chalela - May be another gimmick.

    I tried this drink and did not notice any difference in how I felt. Also, it's much cheaper to buy the supplement capsules if you want the moringa.

  • Linda Kay Kofoed - Beware

    I received .50 oz super revitalizing serum (do not see it pictured even) and got charged $89.85 without being able to easily see I was "signed up" for monthly shipments! Cannot afford this rip off.