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    Country:, Europe, DE

    City: 8.6833 Hesse, Germany

  • Tangodancer - Effective but be careful!

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  • azasadny - Worst. Software. Ever.

    I bought this "upgrade" from Nero 2012 today and found so many issues and bugs that I cannot even list them all. I've sent am email to Nero's tech support, asking for a refund but I do not expect that to end well.

  • Melba S. Zuniga - Another Great Story by the Talented Amy Jarecki!

    I stayed up all night reading this book and it was well worth the exhaustion. It's addictive as it leaves you craving more. I could go on and on about how this book is amazing, but I have learned the only way to discover the truth is to get the book and read it. I DARE YOU and I guarantee you will not be disappointed!!

  • gary - Yes it worked perfect for me gave me pain relief like I never ...

    Yes it worked perfect for me gave me pain relief like I never expected it to I would refer it to all my friends and family!