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  • Diabetes Basics Review by Colglazier Clinic - Family Practice - Colglazier Clinic explains Asthma Basics, including asthma, wheezing, childhood asthma, exercise asthma, asthma triggers, peak flow meter, MDI .

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  • Robert Peacock - I will say after frying the egg whites the skillet was very easy to clean

    The first time to use this skillet I tried frying egg whites without oil or spray and they did stick. The commercial shows being able to flip melted parmesan cheese. I will say after frying the egg whites the skillet was very easy to clean. I have other ceramic pans and this one is no better or worse than they are.

  • Kylix - Depending on your needs, this could be amazing or absolutely terrible.

    Great for everyday, generic stuff like checking emails, browsing the web, watching Netflix, etc. but not much else. The specs in this thing are very lackluster, so don't expect it to host a Plex server, run Overwatch at 120fps or edit that 4K video you just shot on your phone. It's a really great replacement for a Roku or Chromecast if you pair it with a Lenovo N5902 Multimedia remote, and it's super light and easy to travel with. Just don't expect too much out of it.