Competitive Sports Clinic - Osteopathy | Sports Injuries - The Competitive Sports Clinic is a modern, multi-disciplinary clinic based in the Essendon District, providing excellent Osteopathy, Exercise Rehabilitation, Running Analysis, Bike Fitting, Massage and Nutrition services to the entire Melbourne Region.

  • About Competitive Sports Clinic - Competitive Sports Clinic utilizes the latest technologies, combining qualified professionalism to provide you with optimal health solutions you deserve
  • Philosophy That Guides Competitive Sports Clinic - Philosophy that guides our everyday efforts for our valued clients for providing the very best diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and aftercare
  • Facilities Provided by Competitive Sports Clinic - Competitive Sports Clinic has modern facilities, latest equipment and spacious clinic located in the heart of the busy Keilor Road Essendon North Melbourne
  • Services Provided by Competitive Sports Clinic - Osteopathy, Exercise Rehabilitation, Injury Prevention, Coaching Services provided by Competitive Sports Clinic serving the greater Melbourne Region
  • Osteopathy - Osteopathy focuses on contributing factors of a particular injury while incorporating treatment techniques along with rehabilitation, advice and aftercare
  • Exercise Rehabilitation - Exercise Rehabilitation involves conditioning the structure of the body that is injured so the patient regains & improves their daily lives through mobility
  • Running Analysis - Running Analysis services provided by Competitive Sports Clinic incorporates a filmed treadmill running analysis, training and exercise recommendations
  • Bike Fitting and Analysis - Bike Fitting and Analysis is a crucial part of optimal cycling performance, injury management and prevention, visit Competitive Sports Clinic to learn more
  • Nutrition - Nutrition consultation and management services for children, students and seniors now available at Competitive Sports Clinic located in Melbourne Victoria
  • Massage - Massage therapy is now recognised as part of a healthy lifestyle, Competitive Sports Clinic provides massage therapy in a modern and relaxing atmosphere
  • Our Team At Competitive Sports Clinic - Our team at Competitive Sports Clinic consists of fully qualified doctors who are there to assist you by providing solutions dedicated to your wellbeing
  • Resources - Resources page contains instructional videos and links, you can quickly learn how to exercise more effectively for achieving better health results
  • Contact Competitive Sports Clinic - Contact details for Competitive Sports Clinic for all Osteopathy, Exercise Rehabilitation, Running Analysis, Nutrition and private Coaching related services

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