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  • Torin A. Campbell - Simple and useful

    This purchase was to upgrade an old version. It's very simple and easy to use with many templates and many tips and questions to help create documents needed to help operate your business.

  • Loren Booker - Great!

    I have only tried this product for a few days so I'm not about weight loss as of yet; however, I feel less bloated and I can drink it without adding agave or honey as it does not taste bad. I also like that this tea comes in pouches unlike other detox teas which is super convenient! I purchased the 14 day detox and would highly recommend this product as of now. It was a nice price which also helps! :)

  • Annie Blue - Be ready for the ride of your life.

    This is a great read.. Jodi walking into a violent death of her family and put at risk with a rival mob gets you drawn it, and it from there we see the relationship and attraction between Jodi and her forced captor grows as the danger grows. Dante is the whole package, strong, brave and bad boy all the way. B.B. Hamel did great with this book and I as a ARC reader feel anyone who passes on this book needs to have their head examined.

  • dissatisfied - Beware the "life time" warranty - it will cost you

    We have purchased several t-fal products over the years, including the more expensive professional grade products. In August we purchased a set of frying pans, which worked fine for about 3 months and then the coating started to bubble up and peel off. When I called consumer services, the representative informed me that I would have to pay to ship the defective frying pans back to them at my own expense. T-fal's website even suggests that I spend extra to insure the package. The representative informed me that t-fal would not pay for shipping because they would not know if the product was defective until they received it. Of course, no offer was made to reimburse me once they received the defective product and to make matters worse, I was told that had I returned the product within 30 days they would have provided a shipping label. I guess if it is within 30 days they don't care if it is defective or not. As these particular frying pans only cost us $25 dollars, spending close to $15 to return them did not make any sense. When I asked to speak to a manager, I was told that no one was available. Needless to say, I threw the pans out and will not be purchasing any t-fal products in the future. I have lost all confidence in the product and respect for the company.

  • Nicholas W. Hahn - I loved the 2011 edition. I hate this one. I wish I never had to update.

    This is a huge downgrade from Quickbooks Pro 2011 as far as I can tell. I had no glitches with 2011. I have so many glitches now that it takes me significantly longer to do simple tasks. Most of what I do is the "bank feeds center" and payroll. The old "bank feeds center" used to be called "Online banking" which made sense. What do you feed a bank? The old one had a smooth, efficient workspace and flow. This one is glitchy and clunky. The "rules" for imported transactions used to make sense. For instance, if I told it that a check was for my landlord,it automatically coded it for rent expenses. Now I have to code both the payee and account manually. Nice "upgrade". It's like it went back in time 10 years or more. If I change anything for a payment that was automatically matched (used to work great, now needs a lot of adjusting), it gets rid of any changes I already made to code other payments! None of this ever used to happen! There are many, many more issues but I can't name them all. I wish I could have 2011 back. AVOID UPGRADING AT ALL COSTS! Oh, my biggest problem now: payroll won't update. QuickBooks refuses to update the new tax tables. I never had these issues before. I hate it so much.

  • T Stanley - My go to when my escada ran out

    My fave cologne is Escada original which is no longer made. When I ran out, I switched over to this one. It has similarities to the escada that I liked. I have since found another bottle of escada but I use this sometimes so my bottle will last longer. I've tried quite a few scents over the years but many are too sweet or too woodsy, etc. I think this one is a nice balance to it.

  • C. T. Maher - Inspired Reader

    Great photos of healthy food with easy to follow recipes equals inspiration to try something new. Thank you Cooking Light for the endless de-lites!