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  • Back on Track! - Standard Process - Purifican Product Kit with Gastro-Fiber

    I followed this to the letter and had 10 pounds off. I have found that I have no cravings for any junk food. I go out for dinner, I get chicken or fish prepared with olive oil, I ask for extra veggies on fresh salads in lieu of croutons or bacon; everywhere has been accommodating! I thank my good friends everyday who told me about the program. I am sleeping better, I feel better, I have more energy! Its been great. I plan on following the guidelilnes from Standard Process!

  • Mary - Not too helpful!!!!!!

    Due to the fact that I drink a couple of drinks every night and I have been feeling quite lethargic I was hoping this pill would do what was needed to cleanse the liver, but all it did was give me horrible stomach aches, indigestion and alot of trips to the bathroom. I took it for 3 weeks so I believe I gave it an honest try. Now that I don't have a belly ache every day I do feel less lethargic, lol!

  • Amanda S. R - Seems to work great for our little one

    We bought this after our little one showed signs of plagiocephaly at her one month visit. Very slight, but we have had 2 family members with this condition who had to wear helmets for nearly a year to correct it - so we wanted to be very aggressive about avoiding any problems. She is not the best napper and we were already doing lots of tummy time, plus she is fairly restless in her sleep, so she didn't fit the typical profile of a baby that develops flat head (sleeping often and soundly), so there wasn't a lot left to do that we weren't already doing to avoid the condition. She has been using this for a month now, and at her 2 month checkup, her head is now completely normal, pediatrician said there were no signs of flat head and that spot had disappeared - we were so relieved! It is cute and my little girl seems to like it as far as comfort, sleeps 6-8 hours at night with it. Cleans up easily (occasional spit up) with just wet washcloth. Would definitely recommend - and would get it sooner than later!

  • Alex - A Mess of a Company selling snake oil!

    Back in the 1800's there were traveling salesmen who sold elixirs and claimed they cured everything from baldness to the flu. The only thing in these bottles was snake oil. By the time people figured this out, the salesman was gone and they couldn't get their money back. This company reminds me of these snake oil salesmen since you can get the same information in this program for about $10-15 in parenting books and you'll never get your money back from this company.

  • JHall - Stable Mount But off Center.

    I purchased this mount for my 46", 26 pound, Samsung television. I have a single stud that is perfectly centered above the fireplace, so I needed a mount that would attach to a single stud. The mount installed easily, and the back plate (with the included brackets) installed perfectly to my 400x400 VESA television. After hanging the television to the wall, I was disappointing to find that when the TV is pushed all the way back to the wall, it is about 4-5 inches off center. In order to center the television over the fireplace, I need to extend the bracket about a foot off of the wall. It remains functional, but I'd rather have the television centered when it is pushed all the way back. If your mounting stud is 4-5 inches left of center, the television would mount perfectly.

  • Kevin J. Uppercue - I work as a professional engraver, and MakeMusic has ...

    I work as a professional engraver, and MakeMusic has never fully addressed the issues relating to my base. I, and many others, did not upgrade to 2014 from 2012 because of all of the bugs and lack of improvements in the 2014 version. I recently had to upgrade to the newest Mac OS, Yosemite, and 2012 continually crashes and will NOT be supported by MakeMusic. I have been a staunch supporter of Finale for many years, but my support has now wavered. I am eagerly awaiting the release of Steinberg's new notation software which is currently in development.