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  • Amazon Customer - The product is fantastic! Received quickly and has jump started my training ...

    The product is fantastic! Received quickly and has jump started my training to the next competitive level. This is a must have product to improve your speed and agility!

  • Amir Uzzaman - Great Device to enjoy

    Amazing ! It is a great device for my 2010 Camry. Look like factory make and exact fit for this dash board. GPS / Bluetooth / DVD / Radio / back-up camera etc all are functioning perfect with no trouble. It is a HD with high resolution screen like crystal clear. My recommendation is to install it by the professional. I did it from best buy $99.00 (GPS)+ $75.00 (back up camera)and they will provide you a life time installation warranty.

  • H Maven - Can't live without my Swiffer

    Can't live without my Swiffer, have two cats and open windows. I use it every day. Although I use the dry wipes, I don't use the wet wipes. Instead, when I need to wash the floor, I put a clean rag on the Sweeper spray a window cleaner or all purpose cleaner on the floor and use the rag to wipe it up. Of course you'll need to change the rag and wash it which you don't have to do with the wet wipes. But when doing a comparison, I found when I went over the floor that I had just used a wet wipe on, it was still dirty. A rag, usually an old towel works much better.

  • Amazon Customer - I absolutely love this product

    I absolutely love this product, how there is an online accessibility​ with this book and how well-packaged it was when delivery

  • calvus - Addicted to learning!

    So much fun! I can now play the song "Every breath you take" by the Police on the acoustic and the electric guitar. I have never played guitar before and now I can't stop playing.

  • chraland51 - It installed very easily. I had one on my 2010 version of ...

    This fuel filler cover unit really dresses up my new Jeep Wrangler Sahara Unlimited. It installed very easily. I had one on my 2010 version of the same vehicle. I do not know why this can not come as a standard item. My two concerns are that the quality seems to just a little less than the one I put on my recently traded 2010 and there is some rotational play with this one that I did not seem to have with the previous one for my 2010. I do not think that the slight rotation will hurt anything, but I will consciously have to be careful not to slam the door after filling up my tank.