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Dr. Lumbago – Lower back pain helpful information; sciatica and neck pain too - Dr Lumbago - Dr. Lumbago is all about lower back pain. Written by a doctor who lives with daily lumbago, this site presents hundreds of ideas and tips for eliminating, managing, treating and successfully living with low back pain.

  • http://drlumbago.com/sudden-back-pain-spasm/ What causes sudden back pain when I turn to the right and bend slightly? - Dr Lumbago - Sudden back pain often occurs during an episode of lumbar facet syndrome because the facets are jammed together as the person quickly rotates and bends the low back.
  • http://drlumbago.com/pulled-muscle-in-neck-treat-remedies/ Pulled muscle in neck: 11 Proven tips to treat neck strain, reduce muscle spasm and pain - Dr Lumbago - Pulled muscle in neck is a common term for a simple neck strain. Use these 11 proven self-care tips to reduce the time of recovering from a pulled neck muscle. This is a common injury and correct care will help reduce neck pain and increase movement rapidly.
  • http://drlumbago.com/contracture-contractures-causes-symptoms-treatment-capsular/ Contracture can cause back pain, breast pain, or a stiff neck – here's how - Dr Lumbago - Contracture is a permanent or near-permanent shortening of a muscle, tendon, the skin or tissues immediately below the skin, or the tissues around a major joint causing a structural change and loss of movement. Contractures can develop most anywhere.
  • http://drlumbago.com/osteoporosis-definition-back-pain-diet/ Osteoporosis definition and back pain diet - Dr Lumbago - Osteoporosis definition is literally "porous bones." It is more complete to define osteoporosis as a skeletal problem in which hones lose an excessive amount of protein and calcium in particular resulting in soft and weak bones.
  • http://drlumbago.com/body-aches-pains-hurt-all-over/ Body aches and pains: 11 tips when you hurt all over - Dr Lumbago - Body aches and pains are seldom severe, usually of a deep dull quality. They are felt as a general aching sensation with stiffness in many joints or even throughout the body.
  • http://drlumbago.com/vitamin-d-deficiency-low-reduced/ Vitamin D deficiency, back pain and body aches - Dr Lumbago - Vitamin D deficiency is usually the result of reduced sunlight exposure due to wearing long pants and long sleeves, working at night and sleeping during the day, working at night, inside work, sickness or house confinement.
  • http://drlumbago.com/osteomalacia-bone-fracture-back-pain/ Osteomalacia: 11 things you must know to avoid bone fracture and back pain - Dr Lumbago - Osteomalacia means "soft bones." Soft bones are likely to bow or bend and far more like to fracture than harder healthy bones. People who are house-confined or do not get much direct sunlight on their skin should be aware of osteomalacia.
  • http://drlumbago.com/crick-in-neck-treatment-neck-pain-stiffness/ 15 Crick in neck treatment tips reduce neck pain and stiffness - Dr Lumbago - Crick in neck treatment should begin soon after the neck pain and neck stiffness starts. But a crick in the neck is a form of muscle spasm in response to a pinched nerve in the neck.

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