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  • D. Blair - Well worth it.

    It's a big help having this book on hand during the long process of finding a college. I had earlier thought of borrowing it from the library, but it's key to have this book on hand at that critical moment when your son/daughter actually starts investigating themselves. For what it's worth we also have the Princeton guide, and find it helpful to have them both.

  • Alberto Alvarenga - "Old" Punch Architectural series 4000 is better in 3d realistic look and options to Geoposition the ...

    "Old" Punch Architectural series 4000 is better in 3d realistic look and options to Geoposition the House for the sun shadows being real, then you can input Surveyor coordinates for the land and position the house exactly in the land, also you can copy-paste a Google aerial picture or your own into the terrain so it seems alike the house was erected in the real empty lot. I bought this because the 3d Custom workshop is not working since windows 7 and now I am in windows 10. Both Punch as Chief Architect use OpenGL that windows does not like nor support and you have to be technical to make it work fast as the graphic chip drivers have to be up to date to include their OpenGL driver latest version. Yet Chief Architect has the advantage and focus on the real material list and actual construction price of your project, that is their main focus it seems. So I am keeping both Punch for a realistic 3D view and Chief Architect for the accuracy of materials and cost project. The Chief Architect Premier is the only program I wish to have some day as it is as having an architect working for you with automatic up to code building and designing as you just draw walls, windows, doors, HVAC, electric and even framing at your wish.

  • Karen P. Fletcher - Very Surprised about How Well It Worked!!!!

    I got this stuff because my part has grown wider and wider. Here I got a nice new haircut and all I feel like doing is buying a wig. I did my hair and blew out the style. Then I sprinkled small amounts and patted, and some spots needed a bit more and I sprinkled some more. It works! It stays in place for 3 days that I know of. It works so well I've started wearing makeup again! I got medium blonde because I color my hair medium blonde and it gets lighter. Which fits right in to always looking natural. I will be using this stuff forever, even if I'm not going out because I won't even have to look at that wide part anymore. It's saved me from being upset enough to buy a wig. I can't see the fibers even right up against the mirror. This is truly a wonderful product for most people. I will be using this forever!

  • Jeff - Great book - Definitely worth reading!

    This book is a great book for anyone who wants to find good stocks that make money over time. It is also great for anyone new to stock investing as it explains stock terminology, how stocks are traded, how to buy stocks and online brokers. But the best part of the book is that it explains how to evaluate stocks which thoroughly explains key measurements and where to find them. The book also discusses how the "master" investors choose stocks - and how to incorporate their ideas into your approach. Finally, the book also discusses when to sell your stocks once you have invested. Definitely worth reading and I will also be purchasing the authors new book - "The 3% Signal."

  • M.S. - This works!

    I would recommend this to anyone that still has hair but is balding and can't stand those tell tale shiny spots that say you have thinning hair.

  • Heather - Not too bad actually

    I was told that the mac version of quickbooks was not near as good as the pc version. I have had no problems switching over. There are differences in the program that take some getting used to, but nothing huge.