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Department of Drug Design and Pharmacology – University of Copenhagen - We focus on the discovery, design, development and pharmacology of new drugs, and the training of future pharmacists and drug design experts.

  • http://drug.ku.dk/research/npp/ Natural Products and Peptides – University of Copenhagen - We specialise in modern drug design inspired by nature – traditionally an important source of medicines – and investigate compounds from plants, fungi and other living organisms.
  • http://drug.ku.dk/research/medicinal-chemistry-research/ Medicinal Chemistry Research – University of Copenhagen - We design, synthesise and investigate molecules that target receptors, transporters, enzymes as well as signalling proteins in the brain.
  • http://drug.ku.dk/research/ep/ Experimental Pharmacology – University of Copenhagen - We study the pharmacology of receptor and transporter targets using experimental techniques spanning from molecular pharmacology to in vivo testing in animals and human clinical trials.
  • http://drug.ku.dk/research/biostructural_research/ Biostructural Research – University of Copenhagen - We determine three-dimensional structures of human biological macro-molecules that are potential targets for new drugs, and study the relationship between their structure and function.
  • http://drug.ku.dk/research/pharmacotherapy/ Pharmacotherapy – University of Copenhagen - We seek to elucidate the factors that influence patients’ individual responses to drug substances, with the aim of optimising the treatment and safety for each patient.
  • http://drug.ku.dk/research/cbp/ Biopharmaceuticals – University of Copenhagen - Center for Biopharmaceuticals at Department of Drug Design and Pharmacology. With cutting-edge chemical biology aproaches we aim to create peptides and proteins with novel properties in order to develop advanced protein-based drug candidates.The Center for Biopharmaceuticals builds on the strong multidisciplinary relationship between the Department of Drug Design and Pharmacology and the Department of Pharmacy – the two pharmaceutical departments within the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences.The Center opened on 1 January 2014 and has received a 'beacon' grant of 35 million DKK from the University of Copenhagen over the next five years for studies in protein medicinal chemistry.
  • http://drug.ku.dk/research/ Research at the Department of Drug Design and Pharmacology – University of Copenhagen - Our research is aimed at tackling major global health challenges through the development of innovative, effective therapeutics and knowledge about their pharmacological effects.
  • http://drug.ku.dk/collaborations-funding/ Collaborations and funding – University of Copenhagen - Our innovations are underpinned by academic, clinical and commercial partnerships, and we welcome new collaborative opportunities.
  • http://drug.ku.dk/teaching/ Teaching – University of Copenhagen - We help educate the pharmacists and drug design experts of the future by delivering research-based undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and project supervision.
  • http://drug.ku.dk/employees/researchers/ Researchers – University of Copenhagen - Our researchers specialise in biostructure; natural products; medicinal chemistry; molecular, cellular and systems pharmacology; and pharmacotherapy.
  • http://drug.ku.dk/about/ About the department – University of Copenhagen - The Department of Drug Design and Pharmacology delivers research and teaching within a wide range of drug-related disciplines.
  • http://drug.ku.dk/nmm/ NaturMedicinsk Museum – University of Copenhagen - Department of Drug Design and Pharmacology is home to NaturMedicinsk Museum – a treasure trove of plant and animal products from around the world, used as medicine, arrow poisons, recreational drugs, cosmetics and dying.
  • http://drug.ku.dk/news/news-2016/danish-research-team-revives-drug-research/ Danish research team revives drug research – University of Copenhagen - As the first in the world, a Danish research team from the Department of Drug Design and Pharmacology has succeeded in mapping and producing two important substances which may greatly impact future drug research.
  • http://drug.ku.dk/news/news-2016/decoding-the-signaling-pathways-of-the-brain/ Decoding the signaling pathways of the brain – University of Copenhagen - New four-year research project at the Department of Drug Design and Pharmacology will develop tools to understand the signaling pathways of the brain.
  • http://drug.ku.dk/news/ News – University of Copenhagen - The council of the Rottendorf Foundation has decided to award Dr. Morten S. Thomsen with the Rottendorf Europa Foundation Prize for Pharmacology 2015.

    Country:, Europe, DK

    City: 12.5655 Capital Region, Denmark

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