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  • Geraldine Lanier - An Incredible Guide!

    If it weren't for this wonderful book I would've been at my wits end with my novel revisions and query planning by now. Instead of flipping through the pages and randomly selecting articles, as well as racing to the end of the book for the publishers and agents listings, I decided to read this entire guide from the beginning to the end. I'm so glad I did, not only because of the breadth of the inspiring interviews with noted authors, including Newbery winner Katherine Applegate and Goosebumps series storyteller R.L. Stine, but also because, for me, this methodical reading asserted the fact that children's book writers and illustrators, at any level and genre, are in the same boat.

  • AllyBe - College, here we come!

    I bought this to help my son study for the test. We've been through a couple chapters and it is really easy to navigate.

  • MO School of Religion - Hidden Costs

    Was annoyed that the product only came with subscription for one employee - you are then required to pay extra for additional employees. How do they note this - with a footnote on the 2nd part of the product disclaimer. I have used quickbooks for over 12 years and have not had them do this.

  • Brian S - Nas with a North Carolinian drawl

    Albeit the album is not flawless, J Cole puts forth an impressive sophomore album. He tackles issues that other rappers elude. Subjects include virginity, the race complex in music, reality divas, adolescence and a host of other issues that inner city youths are conflicted with. He doesnt speak from a typical street thug aspect. Cole speaks as a kid who is educated and middle class. There is no facade in his persona. Loved the album with the exception of a few songs. Overall I would recommend this to casual fans as well as rap aficionados.