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Elborough Street Surgery Welcome to Elborough Street Surgery - Welcome to the home of Elborough Street Surgery. NHS General Practice in SW18 and surrounding areas

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    Having worked in IT for 17 years, I can say, this is ONE OF THE BEST solutions available today. Previously, I used CasperXP with OK results (as well as some proprietary software from Samsung, Norton Ghost etc). What makes this awesome is the SIMPLICITY. Can you press two buttons? Then you can use this program!

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    I've noticed all the negative reviews for this product seem to be with users operating with Windows 7. I've been using this product for about 6 months now with Windows XP Pro and it works like a charm, very FAST and simple with a very intuitive interface. If your operating XP I would highly recommend it!

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    This 'supercharged' lube is completely different than the Slick 50 with teflon of days gone by. It appears to me that the manufacturer of this product is riding on the shirt tails of the original Slick 50-that no longer exists. The can that you receive is even different from what is advertised here. There is no list of ingredients on the new can other than 'synthetic' and no mention of teflon as an ingredient. Buyer beware... I wanted to use it for cable lube and thought I was buying a teflon product. Who knows what's in this stuff?

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  • Maureen - Disappointing Results On Wood Floors

    The tile cleaner works great. The wood floor cleaner leaves hazy residue which was very disappointing. I'd like to find another product to use with this mop/system

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