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City: -87.6272 Illinois, United States

  • Kelly Cramblit - I love this stuff so so much

    Guys, guys, guys. This stuff is amazing. I have sensitive skin and I always get razor burn. I can shave the day after I shaved with a dry razor and I slap this stuff on and an hour later no bumps (I actaully tested it). The only thing I will warn is this: it burns like all hell when you first apply it. It feels like I was putting peroxide on a cut the size of my bikini line. But if you can close your eyes and wait out the initial sting, you will not regret the results.

  • MM2000 - Great Exercise Companion

    For a Wii Fit game I thought it was pretty good...I like the exercise animations a lot as well as the different colorful environments. I actually got a pretty good workout following Jillian's lead. Although the circuit creation section is easy to use, I would have liked to have even more of Jillian's pre-made circuits. I love the calendar system since I can actually stick to my workout schedule without having to rely on Outlook. Overall this is a good interactive fitness game that really feels like you're working out with Jillian. I recommend this game for anyone who wants to exercise at home and needs motivation (which the Wii controls, Jillian, and the calendar provide!).

  • Rose W - It's well made and fits well around the toilet, ...

    It's well made and fits well around the toilet, but if you have any problem with joints or being limber, it is very difficult to get your body into the correct position. Once you do, the effort is worth it! We have a taller toilet, so we bought the nine inch one. I think it would have been easier for us with the seven inch one, but then the position you end up in would have probably been all wrong.

  • F. Motta - Found source of infection within 15 minutes of installation

    Several years ago, I stopped using anti-virus programs after the trend of nagging to upgrade became standard practice---behaving like pop-up viruses themselves, However, after having been hit with a Trojan recently, I started shopping for an anti-virus program to get rid of it. I have a dual boot system consisting of Windows 7 and Fedora Linux and hence was still able to use the PC with little concern (Win 7 was hit; Linux was not).

  • Lawrence J. Chan - Light but airflow depends on head position

    Definately lighter than my Ionos but airflow isnt as good at most head positions. If all the crossbars were moved one inch back and the vents (at least the front vents) a bit larger, the airflow would be as good or better than the Ionos. As it is, one has to look/angle down to expose the top vents to the wind and get the airflow one expects from all the hype and, more importantly, to cool off. I can walk around with my Ionas and feel the air flowing thru the helmet...the Aeon not so much. Crosswind airflow isnt great either.

  • Linda T - Helps even skin discoloration

    I purchased the Retinol Cream from Uptown Cosmeceuticals about a month ago and it really is a great product! It immediately worked great as a moisturizer and I noticed my skin was softer after a few days use. I have also noticed that the small sunspots on my forehead from repeated sunburns have seemed to lighten and the darkness under my eyes has diminished. I really love the style of the pump too. It keeps the lotion from drying out at the end of the pump.

  • Tony Clifton - Great mouse

    This is a very lightweight mouse. From my experience playing overwatch and CSGO for about a week, there is no noticeable input lag.