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  • Cathy A. - Nice looking shoes, in this world of blazing shoes, black is the new red.

    The shoes fit, there isn't anything that is wrong about the fit but they still are not very comfortable to wear for any amount of time, the Arch may be a little high or the top of the shoe is not high enough but they are good enough that I will keep them and hope that they break in.

  • LCarp27 - Just Dance 2015: Workout and fun in one!

    This new edition features more songs for a wider range of ages than previous ones. There are numerous ones baby boomers like myself will enjoy dancing to for a great workout, plenty of pop songs for the younger generations, and even several kiddos younger than the recommended age of 10 will delight in dancing to.

  • Philip - It gets the job done and the price is reasonable… But…

    Got the job done, and the installation was super easy. I didn't even need tools. I would have liked a more positive feel for the clamping action to they side rails. It seems like it wants to pop up a bit instead of a nice confident click or latch. Makes me a bit nervous, but it did get me from NY to GA with a large Thule on the roof, so I suppose I shouldn't complain too much.

  • alexjb - Super aftermarket item.

    Easy to install and looks good while protecting my bumper from constantly taking my beach chair in and out of trunk.

  • Aiden - my son now thinks his dad is a superhero

    This is a great book for my first grader.. He was able to read it with my help on some words and now thinks his dad is a superhero even more than he did before!

  • rommel - best in its class product.

    best in its class product. my whole family enjoys using this product. After two weeks of continued use you'll feel younger, stronger, and healthier.

  • crisha - Really works!

    This shampoo really helps to bring back your lost hair. Takes some time but definitely helps and doesn't strip away your haircolor.