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City: -87.6272 Illinois, United States

  • Pedro J. - its turning into a hard paste without warnings

    I bought this product to try something new and break my boring shaving routine. I specifically chose this brand over others since they explicitly mention the product to be brushless.

  • becky - Not as awesome as I thought it'd be

    After reading numerous reviews about how fantastic this product was, both on Amazon and on other websites, I purchased it. I have to say that the first time I used it I thought I could probably lick the floors and not find a trace of dirt or dog hair. The only negative thing to say after one use was that it was extremely time consuming. It took over an hour and a half to clean my small house. This was not mentioned in any review I read. After a few uses, I have found that I must stop to wash the brushes and other components to prevent streaking of dirty water and hair residue being left during vacuuming. I can't determine why the dirty water is being left behind. Everything seems to be functioning and fit together properly, unless it is just a leak. And the drying feature is not that awesome. In fact, I mostly just use this to vacuum the hard floors (it does work better than my regular vacuum for this purpose) and then I just mop over it. Corners and close to baseboards are not within reach of this device, but that wasn't really an expectation.

  • KEVIN H CARLTON - It would be great if it had a battery mode

    The unit cools down regular size wine bottles in spin mode very quickly. Larger bottles can be cooled with cold wash only as bottles do not fit in against the spin mechanism. I have not yet tried it for cooling cans or as a baby bottle warmer. You have to be careful when emptying the water so you do not get the front controls wet. It would be great if it had a battery mode.

  • Peter Phan - Awesome so far!

    My first Mazda ever. Very nice so far. Drives great and quietly. We got it in Blue Reflex Mica and it looks awesome every time we walk out to it.

  • DELORES THOMPSON - very disapointed

    Only a couple weeks after purchasing the sole F63 it had a really loud noise, they sent parts and someone came and installed parts, noise was still there. Its so loud,, I recorded it and emailed to them,, Still trying to get something done, I want another treadmill or my money back. Very disappointed, We have a Pro Form at work,,, it was half the price and an amazing treadmill.