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  • Kburlingame - Love these mashed potatoes

    I used to get this at Costco and they stopped carrying it. The whole family was dissapointed, so I was really excited to find it on Amazon. Its the same bulk box with 14 individual packages that Costco carried. I like the way each family serving is packed individually so there is no measuring. It's also really fast to make (3 minutes) and tastes really good. You only need to add butter and milk. Love these mashed potatoes.

  • Zach Shively - Works but ok quality

    Works, but the telescopic lens is gritty and there is hair under the dome lens. Not good quality control. Might send it back..

  • Andrew - Great for pole dancing

    I use this for pole dancing and it works really well. It keeps my hands bone dry and really helps my grip. I also have used it on my shoulders, feet, and the back of my knees, all with great success.

  • tommerjc - Gaiam Premium Yoga Mat

    I do hot yoga 3-4 times a week (hatha & power). This mat works great! It does not move around. I also bought the gaiam yoga towel because of the heat. I do not slip at all when I use both of these. If you do hot yoga you should be using a towel on your mat anyway. This is the best mat for the price and its thicker. I will order another to keep in my car for spur of the moment classes.

  • Jessica - So happy I bought

    So happy I decided to buy this item. I have read very bias reviews about this product but it is really great. It does not leave my hair pin straight like my straightener but that was not what I was expecting. It does not take long to heat up either, but doe get very hot.

  • Ljudah - Great close shave....

    Great product to get the best, closest shave possible. Easy to use with plenty of power. This is the second one that I have purchased and love it.