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  • Kindle Customer - Smelly!

    I really wanted to love these. I believe in the product and think they do work well. But I CAN'T talk my kids into taking them anymore . . . they're pretty obedient kids too. The problem is that they reek of ginger and you have to take THREE of them (they're not tiny pills). The Woman's One and Men's One you only have to take one of and they don't reek like anything. My kids just gag when they try to swallow these. Too bad. I think they really were helping clear up their skin!

  • Ted Kantrow - Concepts from The Goal

    The author of this business novel thinks he's the Messiah. The gist of the 384-page book could have been expressed in a page, and some of it is obvious. But it may be useful anyway, and it's an entertaining read.

  • Josh - Good value & quality, perfect fit for 2006 Dodge Ram 2500 SLT Quad Cab

    Great product, replaced the junky MTX Thunderform. I put Alpine gear from Crutchfield into this box. The box is a perfect fit under my rear seat in my 2006 Dodge Ram 2500 SLT Big Horn Edition Quad Cab. There is enough room between the rear wall and the box the standard sized Alpine amp. To properly wire the subs you need to do some wire magic, there could be some improvement in that feature, but overall very pleased with the value and quality. The seat rests on the subs but there's spacers if you want to use them. I chose not to, it does not materially affect the sound. The thing thumps well.

  • Shaiha - Slight exaggeration.

    I do like this cup as it is a great size for me. I drink a lot of iced tea a day. And I just love how my glass doesn't sweat. The reason I am not rating it higher is while the ice does last longer, there is no way it would last 24 hours. In my drink starting out with tumbler half full of ice and cold tea, the ice had all melted after three hours. My drink stayed really cold but talk about a slight exaggeration.