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  • A. Smith - Perfect accessory for my Vista

    Great snack tray! I will say that it sits a little high, but my kiddo is tall for his age, so it isn't an issue for him. The tray has an insert that is removable which makes it very easy to clean.

  • Lynette Lopez - Finishing touch to my garden

    These are the perfect finishing touches to my newly done garden. They are made from steel which I know is going to last me a long time. When I got them I took them out and assembled them and put them in my garden the same day. They light enough so that you can see where your going in the dark. Super easy to put together. I am super excited to have these lighting the way to my garden. I know that these are going to last me along time because they are sturdy.

  • Patricia Hoffman - Useless product

    We bought the product, my husband used it for a couple of days and the skin around the toe got an inflammation reaction. We went to the doctor and was told that there is no anti fungal ingredients in the product. In fact, she pointed out that at the bottom of the box it stated:"Kerasal Nail does not cure or prevent fungai infections. Fungal infections of the nail can only be cured by prescription medications." I don't have any idea what this product is useful for.

  • Small town girl - Worked for me with a couple of work-arounds

    I downloaded Quicken 2010 Home and Business as an update for Quicken 2009 Home and Business. The download and installation from Amazon was no problem after I downloaded the Amazon files for downloading software and games. Had a slight problem getting my old Quicken files to convert to the new version of Quicken. Ended up bypassing the installation option to convert my old files and instead used the "file/open" option after I got the software installed and that worked fine, converted my files and then I just saved that opened file. Also had a problem in that I have another program that uses the .pdf printer option and the Quicken .pdf printer settings were keeping my other software from using the .pdf printer option. I had to delete and reinstall the .pdf printer file for that other software so that it would again be first in line. Overall, this seems to be a smoother upgrade than 2009 which was a nightmare until they got all their glitches fixed. I would also add that I tried the online support from Quicken and after waiting in the print cue for 24 minutes, at 9 seconds it canceled my request and gave me a search box instead so I wouldn't waste my time waiting in line for help.

  • John R. Vogler - I would not buy Quickbooks Premier 2016

    I would avoid this program. I updated from Quickbooks Professional 2010. Generally this version is the same, but with more advertisements for other Intuit services. The most disturbing part of the 2016 Premier Edition is that Intuit has decided that they will force you to increase your security. In order to open your company file you must enter a complex password. You will be required to change your password every 90 days. This even though many security professionals now agree that changing your password makes yo less secure. I would rather make decisions about my company and my accounting software personally.

  • L. Allen - Good Stuff

    This was recommended by a Dietician as a way to modify my diet. I started using it and now I have it every morning in a fruit shake. By making this simple change in my diet I was able to drop and keep off 15 pounds that I don't need.

  • Ned Mitchell - Inaccurate

    Tested this unit against three different thermometers, it is consistently 3-4 degrees F off (lower). If the temp is inaccurate then the relative humidity is inaccurate too. I use it anyway keeping the difference in mind, but I wouldn't buy it again.