Home - The forensic toxicology service, located in South West London, is the home of expert forensic toxicologists specialising in the measurement of drugs and endogenous compounds in both clinical and post mortem samples using a wide variety of immunoassay, chromatographic (GCMS and LCMSMS) and spectroscopic techniques.

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  • Robin Espy - Great Brand & much easier than carrying home from the store.

    Tax free also rather than buying at grocery store. 4 easy to carry large jugs go apple juice. My kids love this brand & I love not having to go pick it up. The bottle is very solid plastic with a great handle grab. We reuse these to take along drinking/cooking water for camping. Much sturdier than a mild jug.

  • Cherie - Why Stomach Acid is good for you.

    This is a very good book to learn about what you should and should not put into your body. The damages antacids do to your body and why you should not take Pharm drugs like Nexium forever. These drugs are very damaging to your body. Please read the book and find out natural alternatives to living on drugs like Nexium. We assume we have too much stomach acid when we have acid reflux that is probably not the case at all. These drugs keep your body from producing the needed stomach acid to break down foods that go into your stomach and end up causing more problems than when you started using the medicine. It is hard to get off the medicine but after about a month I seem to have it under control by eating better and taking HCl and Pepsin tablets.

  • Joe Rodriguez - Excellent addition to any sound system.

    Sounds and looks fantastic. I have only one of these installed in my boat and can't believe how much bass it puts out with a small amp powering it. Well worth the money.

  • M. Remkiewicz - Mixed Review...

    I have played the first version and was excited to get my hands on the next version looking for new challenges and improvements. After exercising for the past two weeks, I'm not entirely impressed. What I'm impressed with is the different and types of exercises (a big plus).

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