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  • epping - It Works!

    This thing must work. I keep a car at a lake that I visit about once a month. This summer, on a visit, I found the car wouldn't start and found that squirrels had chewed up the wiring. It cost me around $900 to have the whole wiring harness replaced. I bought one of these Pest Repellers and the damn thing works! The car has sat for the last 3 weeks undisturbed!

  • Retired Navy - A Great Ride

    This bike replaced a 13yo TREK 6500 and I couldn't be happier. The 2012 version of this bike has a few upgrades over the 2011 model most notably, 3x10 gearing and an improved fork/shock. While I had a $1431 budget (moving company payout for crushing my old bike), I decide I didn't need that much bike for the kind of riding I do. This is an XC bike, and that's the kind of riding I will using it for. I live in coastal SC. Forest trails, swampy areas, and the occasional downed tree. I appreciate the lock out front fork for the frequent transitions from asphalt, trails, open forest,and back.

  • Lebre - great

    I avoided using any product like this in the past because other reviewers say these can be very sloppy to use. Water often goes all over the place out of your mouth. Recently, I had a three tooth bridge put in to my upper left rear jaw area. The false tooth in the center needed a special way to floss over the tooth but under the gumline. There was a small space between them and the only way was to thread floss through this small open space using both hands to operate the floss thread to clear out food particles and plaque. But I also needed another hand to hold my cheek back to do what the other two hands needed to do. Until I come back as a spider, I was short at least one hand for this operation. So I decided to try an Oral Irrigator to do this job instead. Like any irrigator, this too can be sloppy, so one must learn how to reduce the amount of water coming out of your mouth while operating. For the most part this is not hard to get used to. Mostly keeping your lips sealed and intermittently turning on and off the power when moving to a new tooth location. The only power position that works properly is the first regular one. Pulse and soft really aren't going to do the job. The instructions make it clear that the very best way to permit the Irrigator to operate without failures is to use WARM water. NOT HOT WATER which will destroy the pump parts inside. I just follow their recommendations and so far it works fine. For that very reason, I don't use mouthwash in it or salt water. Rinse and gargle with that afterwards if you feel the need to use those liquids. It's way better to slide off the tank and fill water that way. You'll find the flip up door way too small to try and load in water. To assist in parts protection, I added some vasoline to the flip up door latch and O ring seal as well as the sides of the water tank when it was removed to permit these parts to easily go in and out without the resistance I saw when I first was working with them. This may allow the parts to function much longer before they wear out (instead of possible breakage). The water through the irrigator tip does the job perfectly to clean out that gap section as mentioned above. It did it so well, I decided to use it on the rest of my teeth too. I'm pleased with the results however I think that it should be used along with other flossing procedures when that is possible. Not bad or complaints but simply information to be aware of; It takes quite a long time for this unit to be fully charged. You plug it in and then a blue LED starts flashing. A full charge is when the blue LED is on steady without flashing. This can take up to 10-12 hours so be patient. Once it's charged it works for weeks. If you are using this for your entire mouth, remember that the tank is self contained in the handle therefore smaller then a WaterPic container. Expect to refill your tank at least once to cover your entire mouth unless you are fast at operating this unit. I believe that after a couple of weeks of use, the Irrigator is still operating but best to recharge before it goes out completely because I think the power of the water out the tip starts getting weaker from the lower voltage. I suggest that after two weeks of use, to recharge to assist the water power being pumped out. It's what I truly needed for this one impossible area. It worked better then expected which is why I am using it for my entire mouth which was not my intention. It's compact which was something that really concerned my wife since our counter space was limited. It was very fairly priced for what it does. I would also assume that should there be a premature problem with my unit, Toilet Tree will make it right as they have for other consumers. Proper customer and product support is a real biggie in my book if their product is experiencing problems. I feel confident that this purchase was made to my very best advantage for my current needs. I received this product for a discount for my unbiased and honest review. I apologize in advance if you receive a Lemon while mine was not a Lemon.

  • Scott C - Rethink how you'd like to live out your last days on earth

    As an older gentleman, I've seen my friends get married and some of my friends get divorced. My folks have been married for over 30 years so I wanted a marriage to last like that. As the cheesy saying goes, I want my first marriage to be my only marriage. So I spent a lifetime looking for the perfect girl for me. The right amount of funny, dirty, adventurous, couragous and loving. And I had found her. She was pretty, smart, funny and in a word, amazing. After courting her for over a year I finally gained the courage I needed to ask her to marry me.

  • Andrew Gretzinger - Nice quality, easy to understand what goes where

    Nice quality, easy to understand what goes where. I had to read the Instructions a few times before I understood how to wire the switch up, but it worked the first time I tried it!

  • Raymond - Evil SOB

    Some people are complaining that this episode of TWD was too violent! Get a grip, it's a zombie apocalypse. I gave it four stars because I thought it was well done, although horrific. I'm not happy with what happened but any character they killed would have sucked. Course, in my opinion they went with one of the worse possible choices. The story was believable. Negan is a nightmare. I hope I don't have to wait too long for Rick to put that ax in Negan's face.