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  • animallover - Total crap - I got this set because I needed to ...

    Total crap - I got this set because I needed to fix my gate - which involved taking out two screws and then screwing them back in . . . the socket wrench fell apart - literally - when I was screwing the second screw back in . . . do yourself a favor and pay more and get something that will last 5 minutes . . .

  • Amazon Customer - Don't buy, crappy construction

    Worked great until the female Micro-USB port necessary to charge the thing got pushed into the housing. Kinda difficult to use when you can't charge the portable charger.

  • Tara - It's. All. True.

    OMG. Everything previously written is true. It's all true. Don't eat more than 15 in a sitting unless you are trying to power wash your intestines.

  • MikePot - Fit weel

    Fit well good for the price. You do require side rails already installed or you should know how to install them before you buy these

  • ReeViewinit - Love These!

    We got this one for our 3yo (because her big sis got one for her 5th birthday). I wasn't sure about getting one for her since the age for this toy stated 4&up. Although a couple of things are beyond her years, there are plenty of things that are not. She's pretty rough on it, and has even stood on it and dropped it. It's still working perfectly. She is VERY happy with it, and we love the educational value of it. It's wonderful for long trips and waiting rooms. They love being able to take photos and videos, and personalizing it. In times when they may squabble over other toys, I can tell them "go to your LeapPads" and they will play nicely and forget about whatever they were getting agitated about. (My Mom told me that these were the best things we EVER got for them! I agree!)

  • Louis Henry - Another wonderful collection by The Best American Series

    Every year Atwan eludes disappointment. Strayed selected essays that would move the reader with a climactic punch at the end of each work.

  • Simone Swanson - Buy Just Dance 2015

    Yes it did!! My friends and I love it! We played through 80% of the songs the first time through. "Bang Bang" is our favorite dance.