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Country:, North America, US

City: -121.8914 California, United States

  • Bianca Paris - Good design, bad for actual use.

    I ordered this because I thought the design was nice, and the glowing aspect of it gave it a unique touch. When I got it in the mail, the actual game board box had been taped on each side, which was inconvenient because the tape peeled off the box design very easily. The design was as described, though, as far as the board goes. An antique touch. BUT the board itself was extremely small, only space for 2 people to participate really. The planchette is very clunky and heavy, especially with batteries in. In fact, it wouldn't even move unless I took the batteries back out of it, and it still was troublesome (we tried for a while, and got results from another board of mine). The board texture also makes it difficult for the planchette to slide across with ease, and you have to have the board on a surface that provides friction or else it will slide around while trying to move the planchette. The glow in the planchette is controlled by pushing down on it, which also makes game play a little awkward. BUT, one upside was the way the glow revealed itself on the board when you removed the planchette, that was very cool. All in all, though, I was disappointed, but I wasn't expecting much considering such a low price. I have had many boards in my lifetime, and although this wasn't great it wasn't the absolute worst. It just wasn't for me. If you want a better experience with a ouija board, I suggest putting in the extra $10 for a sturdy wooden board with a light planchette. If you're getting it for design purposes only, then this is pretty true to the pictures.

  • Colorado Rick - I couldn't rate it zero...

    This software didn't work. I got a very nasty virus about 24 hours after I installed the software. (It's a ransomware virus from the Dept. of Justice.) After searching the web for solutions, I contacted Bitdefender's customer support (this was very early last Sunday morning). They acted like they never heard of this virus, even though there are tons of posts in forums on the web (albeit an earlier incarnation of the virus). He tried to tell me it was my fault, because I must have not uninstalled all files of a different antivirus program, which left a "hole." Then he told me it was my fault for relying on Windows firewall - he said I should have bought the Bitdefender firewall program. He did say he understood it was a very serious problem (I couldn't use my computer, or even boot in Safe Mode - this thing loads up very early in the boot sequence.) He said they would get back to me as soon as possible, but no later than 48 hours. That was Sunday AM - it's now Thursday and no response. If I could get a refund from them on this, I would. BTW, I found an answer on one of the forums. I went to the Kaspersky site with a clean computer, and downloaded a boot disk from them. It cleaned the PC.

  • Spirit - HALLLELUJAH - IT WORKS!!!

    Before I write my review, it's important to note three things: 1) I know it takes a very long time to get rid of nail fungus; 2) I can't afford over $100 for nail fungus Rx and, 3) I had tried several different brands of OTC nail fungus solutions with only slight improvement prior to buying ZetaClear.

  • Kyleen - No noticeable improvement

    12 days of taking this product and there was no noticeable improvement. I can take plain cranberry juice with much better results.

  • Kindle Customer - You *have* to read this book..

    100% *ADORE* this book! I can't wait for the second to come out this week-- I've waited a while for it, and things are going to definitely start happening!

  • Reader - CSN still puts it out there

    It's great to see this group together through so many years. They are not as young as they once were, but those of us who remember them when are no spring chickens either. Perhaps not at top physical form now, they show a depth of feeling that maturity contributes. I find it interesting that in so extremely youth oriented a culture, talent and maturity still sell well.

  • Allen Derwent - Should last the summer

    I normally have to go out and buy chlorine tablets for our pool each year. Found this on Amazon at a great price free delivery with 'Prime'. Received it in 4 days. Great service. I'm sure it's as good if not better than the tablets I normally buy at NAMCO.