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  • JOSE PEDRO M DE ALMEIDA - Top performance on lubricating

    Excellent product, The performance on lubricating gearbox is outstanding keeping temperatures really low.

  • Mike - You are safe with the stuff

    I did not purchase this from amazon,I went to the vitamin shop in my area and purchased. But just want to say this product really does work,and thanks to it I now have a job. I am a marijuana user so can't confirm how well it removes other drug toxins from your system. But for marijuana it does work trust me on that. I was only 3days clean and still passed it,I had my doubts believe me, but it worked!

  • Laurie C Parish - Not for sensitive skin

    I originally bought this for my newborn, then started to use it for the whole family. My son has had eczema since he was born so I started doing research into the environmental working group as well as other online resources to live more naturally and chemical free. At first my son's eczema cleared up, I guess from being chemical free.. but then his rash got worse, his skin was extremely dry and he complained the soap burned and made him itch. He used it as a wash and shampoo. I started to use it and noticed the same things, except when i used it on my hair it was greasy and sticky, but my skin was dry and burned. When my fiance used it, He said it burned and itched too and his hair could not get clean. The pump also got moldy under the cap, which concerned me. This was my first choice because it was natural and organic and had simple ingredients and was a price our family could afford, but overall could not recommend.

  • Mike - 2012 Scion xD

    Contacted Boomerang and got quick reply that armrest should work in 2012 xD. Ordered next day. Was shipped fast and arrived in good condition. Kudos to Boomerang Co for a the fast reply.

  • Kindle Customer - Cute

    I have bought over 20 items. The only issue I had was over a pair of boots that didn't come. They eventually refunded me and told me to keep them if they ever show. I also got a gift card for a shipment arriving late. I've learned that certain sellers are better than others. Most of what I invest in are tights leggings and accessories. The jewelry is custume but I expected that. The leggings can vary from seller to seller. I found some that were lovely and ordered 6 one of each color. A set of nail polish 12 in the pack for 16$ with $4 shipping included and received the package two days later. Nothing has come broken or torn. Everything Has fit. Ended up with two sweaters one better than the other. Yes the sizing is different. Most items are not meant for bigger people >.> maybe for the guys clothing ... yes, some things are undoubtedly knock offs but realistically if you can pull off wearing something cute that is a knock off then u can really rock with a lot from this site. Indeed do read the product and store reviews before you purchase. Not just look at the star ratings.

  • james watt - Much better than cheap cap truck came with

    So much better than the cheap cap that came with truck. Ram should be ashamed and should contract with this company to supply all their new trucks.