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  • Automatic Refills | Garro Drugs - If you have a tendency to forget to refill your medications before it runs out, we will refill all of your medications when it is due and have them ready to be picked up or deliver.
  • Blister Packaging Sheets | Garro Drugs - Not only could we fill your medications in bottles but we also offer the option to fill them in blister cards instead.
  • Compound Medication | Garro Drugs - ¬†With our own onsite compounding pharmacist, we could compound many medical products to fit the unique needs of a patient.
  • Consultations | Garro Drugs - We are willing to consult on any new medications. Explain into further details if there are any doubts and answer any questions you have on your medications.
  • DME Services | Garro Drugs - We are an approved DEMPOS provider. We bill Medicare, Fidelis , Excellus BCBS for surgical supplies, Diabetic test strips, Nebulizer Supplies, Walkers, Canes, Crutches and many more.
  • Facilities Services | Garro Drugs - Prescriptions are dispensed in blister sheets (unless noted otherwise) in either singles or by dosages and labeled for the specific resident. We provide any medical supplies that will be needed for your facilities and we are willing to adjust our services to compliment your facilities needs. If you have any questions on what we could provide for you to improve your facility, please contact us directly at (315)-732-6915.
  • Veterinary Medications | Garro Drugs - Not only do we provide medications to our customers, but we also provide medications for another type of your family member, your pets.

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  • Nicole A. - Smells horrible

    This stuff smells noxious. Tested it out on an old rag before using anywhere near my dogs and the smell is horrid. Won't use this on my dogs except maybe before a long trail hike and will bathe them after.

  • Anthony K. Blais - Great taste and best mixed with milk

    Great taste and best mixed with milk. Great flavor no nasy after taste. Nice change from chocolat and vanilla. Seems to be okay for recovery could be better in my opinion then the price might go up. I do think it's expensive compared to choclate and vanilla why I'm not sure, so that's frustrating.